Me And My Dog: The Ultimate Contest

The Lake District plays host to a contest like no other - a physical and mental competition for humans and their dogs. Eight people who believe they have the ultimate relationship with their canine companions will compete together with their dog.

Published: 28 March 2017

Over four weeks, canine scientists and dog trainers will help them unlock the full potential of their partnership as they compete in a series of challenges. The best duos will win a place in the grand final - but only one pair can be crowned ultimate champions.

The contests and scoring
The eight pairs are divided into two groups, the reds and yellows, and during each round the teams will face different challenges designed to test the same core skills. In each challenge, the pair from each group that performs best will win four points, the runner-up will score three, third place receives two points, and the pair that come in last will receive one point.

In each episode the teams will come together for a final challenge where everyone competes head to head.

Each challenge is a chance to win points - but only the top-scoring pairs from each group will go through to the final at the end of the contest, where the finalists will battle it out to see who will be crowned the ultimate champions.



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