Love in the Countryside

Eight rural dwellers from across the UK enlist the help of farmer's daughter Sara Cox in their quest for love


I am quite traditional, on a first date I love to pay rather than go half and half.Paul
Date: 20.04.2018     Last updated: 20.04.2018 at 12.42
AGE: 33
LOCATION: Worcestershire

Why did you apply to go on Love in the Countryside?

After asking my friends what they thought, I eventually decided to take part. As they pointed out, what have I got to lose and what I have got to gain? They were right. These chances don’t come up very often.

Is it tough meeting women when you work on the farm?

Yes it’s quite difficult because the job is seasonal and very weather orientated with long hours. When the sun is shining, you do have to go out in all hours to get the crops in. It is also quite difficult, especially with me being 33, as a lot of my friends are settled down or married now and they don’t go out that often (so I don’t go out either!)

How long have you been single for?

I have been single since January 2017. In the great scheme of things it’s not that long but it would be nice to meet someone.

Do you think it is harder to meet someone in the countryside than the city?

Yes. With a 9-5 office job you do get more free time to meet people, especially in the city. I’ve never been out in London before but from what I gather, Londoners are out every single day of the week!

What kind of woman are you looking for?

I don’t like saying this as I am not a shallow person but there has to be an attraction. They do have to have a good personality too.

Is it important they understand what you do for a living?

Yes. I have had relationships in the past where the girl has found it difficult to understand the hours. It’s that whole ‘farming widow’ (being left on their own) concept. But you do have time off and you can then get to see someone.

What kind of boyfriend would you make?

I am quite traditional and old fashioned. On the first date, I would take them for a meal to get to know them, I love to pay rather than go half and half.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I am not sure. Yes you can see someone and think: "Oh they look like the ideal person", but you do really need to get to know them.

Have you been on a blind date before?

I’ve never been on a blind date so I am putting my life in this programme’s hands! I am pretty nervous about it all but it would be great if I met someone.

What do your friends think?

I am quite mad and so my friends aren’t that surprised! A lot of them have said ‘fair play, go for it’. The other day, it did, however, occur to me you are talking about your love life on TV in front of millions of people! I probably won’t watch myself as I didn’t even watch my profile video.

What else do you want to get out of this experience?

I’d like to promote what it is like working in the farming community. Farming has got a rough deal. A lot of people are naive about what farmers do. They think farmers are annoying for holding up the traffic in their tractors. I hope it does educate people and also show that it is hard for people to meet someone when you work on a farm.

Would you like to settle down one day?

I would definitely love to settle down one day and have some kids. I have got a couple of nephews already and I get on with my mates’ kids. They are fun.