Love in the Countryside

Eight rural dwellers from across the UK enlist the help of farmer's daughter Sara Cox in their quest for love


I’ve been single now for 15 months and I just want to meet someone who will put up with me!Mark
Date: 20.04.2018     Last updated: 20.04.2018 at 12.42
AGE: 52

Do you find it tough meeting women working on a farm?

I work for myself and it’s very difficult to try and find somebody. Then if you do find somebody, they are either spoken for or not interested!

What kind of woman are you looking for?

I am a little bit picky. I do like a certain type and as an ex-smoker, I’m a bit anti-smoking. I don’t mind a girl who can sink a pint or two and it doesn’t matter if they are brunette, a redhead or blonde. I’ve been single now for 15 months and I just want to meet someone who will put up with me!

What kind of boyfriend do you make?

I am gregarious, nice and I do have a bit of romance in me. I buy flowers and I think I would make someone a good husband. Everyone has always told me this. It’s just trying to find the right person. I want someone who can muck in on the farm and get on with it.

We gather you love your music…

I like my 80’s music! I listen to the radio all the time; I go to the local quiz night on a Wednesday evening. They always know we should do well on the music questions (when I go!)

So how are you feeling? Nervous or excited?

I am just going to get on with it. It’s the easiest way to do it. I am going to see what happens. I have thought about the fact I am going on a date on television but my friends have sat me down and rightly told me: ‘You will never get this opportunity again, so enjoy it.’ It’s exciting. It’s a very different thing to do.

Would you ever consider marrying?

It always crosses your mind. I have probably had more than one opportunity in the past but it has never happened, at the end of the day it just hasn’t been right.