Love in the Countryside

Eight rural dwellers from across the UK enlist the help of farmer's daughter Sara Cox in their quest for love


I would like to meet someone now I have decided to stop running around like a headless chicken. I am ready.Heather
Date: 20.04.2018     Last updated: 20.04.2018 at 12.42
AGE: 28
LOCATION: Yorkshire

So why did you decide to apply to go on Love in the Countryside?

My practice manager put me forward for it and so I have her to blame!

How are you feeling about being in the show?

I am definitely nervous. It is taking me out of my comfort zone and it is completely different. You know it has gone horribly wrong when you need to find a TV show to find you a date!

How long have you been single for?

I have been single for six to seven years.

Why is now the right time for you to meet someone?

Until this year I have never been in one place. I have been moving around with University, my vet school was very intense and then I was always on placement in the summer. I would like to meet someone now I have decided to stop running around like a headless chicken. Now I have found a base, I am ready to meet someone.

Are you easy going when it comes to meeting a man?

I am really picky. My mother tells me on a regular basis that I am. I am getting fussier as the years go by! I will say to myself: "I have just survived last year on my own, why shouldn’t I settle for anything but perfection?!"

Do you think you will meet someone on Love in the Countryside?

I am holding judgement on this. I will never say "no" to something new nor try something different.

Have friends tried to match make you before?

My friends have tried to set me up with their friends. I don’t get nervous about the actual date. I am easy going in terms of what we do. If they (potential boyfriends) are trying to get a second date, they need to put the effort in though!

Do you go for looks or personality?

I have to be initially attracted to want it to go any further. By the end of the first date I never say: "Give it a go or wait and see.’ I know if I definitely like the person or not. I hate using the love word in terms of ‘love at first sight’. For me, it is based more on a woman’s intuition.

What does your mother think about you going on the show?

She is excited for me. She isn’t thinking: "Oh my goodness." She is happy I am not going on any more Tinder dates!

Would you love to have a family?

One step at a time! Having said that, it is harder when everyone else is getting married or buying houses and it makes me feel the need to hurry up the process. I am just up for a bit of fun and will ride the waves and see what happens. I love working as a vet, it’s my life now. Anything else positive that happens in my life is a bonus.