Psychological thriller coming to BBC One Wales on 6 June and BBC Four on 9 June

Interview with Gwyneth Keyworth (Megan Reynolds)

It’s a show written and led by women that explores how the world deals with women. There’s no one archetypal character.Gwyneth Keyworth
Date: 23.05.2018     Last updated: 23.05.2018 at 00.01
Category: Drama; Wales; BBC Four

What made you want to be involved in Hidden?

I’d worked with the team before on Hinterland so I knew that the work they do is top notch. When they told me about Megan and how they wanted to develop the character, I got really excited about it. Usually with crime series, the victim is just the victim, you don’t know who they are beforehand. You’re not introduced to them or the circumstances they’re in or what happened to her or him before. And then when the team told me how Hidden was going to transpire, and how the character would develop, I thought it was a really interesting psychological switch to portray.

Why should the audience be getting excited about Hidden?

It’s a show written and led by women that explores how the world deals with women. There’s no one archetypal character. Each one is fully formed and fully realised and there’s bravery in how we’re portraying women, not always in the best light but in a heroic light.

Do you think women will relate to Megan?

I think there are a lot of young women who could relate to her. Lots of young people suffer with anxiety and depression and the way we dealt with the subject was really sensitive and well researched.

What was your favourite filming location?

Menai Bridge is wonderful at sunset. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite so beautiful, and I say that having grown up in Aberystwyth! The landscape of north Wales is so beautiful; it’s a very captivating part of the world.

What was it like working with Rhodri Meilir?

It was brilliant. He’s a very generous actor and he’s also very generous and kind as a person, so when we were on set and doing those scenes he was very gracious and always made sure I was alright. It was a real pleasure to work with him. He’s a good laugh.

Who’s the funniest on set?

Gillian Elisa (who plays Iona). Every day there’d be stories about her time in the West End when we were in the make-up truck. She’s great.