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Mia McKenna-Bruce is Bree Deringer: The Rebel

From the outside, Bree looks like she has the perfect life but she has a lot of deeper issues going on.Mia McKenna-Bruce
Date: 05.02.2020     Last updated: 05.02.2020 at 11.00
Bree is brave, clever, sarcastic and self-destructive.

If you just looked at the house she lives in and her dad’s job as the local MP, you’d think she was a perfect pupil for Bannerman School.

Despite her enviable postcode she has a less enviable home-life. Her mum isn’t around anymore and, the way Bree sees it, her dad may as well also move out considering how little time he spends in their huge house.

Bree starts acting more and more recklessly in order to get some attention from her distant dad and it’s not working.

Tell us about Bree...

Bree is an awesome character to play. She's rebellious and insanely brave, she's described a lot throughout the series as being fearless but really she’s scared of rejection. From the outside, Bree looks like she has the perfect life but she has a lot of deeper issues going on. She feels like she can't be loved and she projects a lot of that onto other people, and comes across like this sarcastic, angry little person. But she's got a lot of love to give.

Are you like your character?

I didn't think I was like my character. When I first auditioned for Bree, I loved her because she was so different to anything else I've ever played. She's this witty, fearless, sarcastic person, that I didn't think I was but then coming on to set, everyone has said: "You were born to be Bree." Even off set now, most of the cast call me Bree instead of Mia. I had to dye my hair dark to play Bree and then I sort of became her.

Can you explain what unites Kitty, Margot, Bree and Olivia?

Despite coming from different walks of life, their one thing in common is that they want to bring down the hierarchy in the school. These four strong girls come together because they don't agree with what's going on within the school. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses that come into play and they bring out each other’s strengths.

Of course there’s the murder plot which runs throughout the series, but can you tell us about some of the other themes that are explored?

It’s about teenagers at school so there are a lot of normal, everyday problems that are brought up to the surface. There are love stories and there is a lot of humour. For Bree in particular, she really struggles with dealing with her emotions and there's a lot about finding out who you are. We’ve all come into the show feeling we can really relate to the issues it deals with.

What has been your stand-out scene from the shoot?

I've been really blessed with having some phenomenal scenes. One of my standout scenes would be the detention scene with Rex (Joe Ashman). I had to catch a ball and I'm not particularly sporty. I had to not be looking, not be ready and just catch this ball, and we'd been going at it for a very long time. I finally caught it and the scene has to carry on but I got so excited, I shouted: "Yes!" So I messed up the scene and had to do it all over again!