The Furchester Hotel

Big Bird checks into The Furchester Hotel on CBeebies

The Furchester Hotel in numbers

Date: 13.10.2016     Last updated: 13.10.2016 at 12.07

10 puppeteers worked on this series, with 9 assistant puppeteers and 3 interns.

There were 18 UK writers and 9 US writers.

Approximately 1500 cookies were hand baked in Salford using a special secret recipe.

Approximately 330 puppets were provided by Jim Henson Workshop, ranging from household items and musical instruments to jungle animals and insects, as well as humanoids.

It was a 60-day shoot, with a 65-strong daily crew.

The Furchester art department consisted of 15 people working daily for 16 weeks to produce every single individual prop seen on the show, as well as re-dressing the studio sets every day to match the story line!

Why are there 3 door knobs on each door at The Furchester Hotel? Because all our monster guests are so different in shape and size - from a mouse to a dinosaur!

The Furchester Hotel has over 150 hand-painted portraits and pictures of monster friends and family on their walls!

When Big Bird visited The Furchester it was the first time he had been in the UK for 20 years!