Family Cooking Showdown - series two

The competitive food show that celebrates the families who make ordinary food extraordinary is back

The Penman family

Date: 09.10.2018     Last updated: 10.10.2018 at 12.04
The Penman family, pictured left to right: Ann, Elisha, Chris

The Penmans from Lincolnshire love to get together and cook hearty homemade meals. Elisha is also very experimental in the kitchen. She’s forever trying to improve recipes by adding her own culinary touches, and no meal time is the same.

Nan Ann is a young spirit and hates to be called Grandma. Spending time with Elisha and Chris keeps Ann feeling sprightly. A self-proclaimed clean freak, she tidies up after messy and disorganized Elisha has been let loose in the kitchen. Chris is a self-employed tiler. He fancies himself as the next Jamie Oliver and loves Jamie's relaxed style of cooking. Chris specialises in home-cooked favourites and claims to make the best chilli con carne in Lincolnshire.

Elisha used to be a competitive swimmer but she had to give it up at 13 because of a gastric condition. Her body is unable to digest food properly. Sometimes she eats little and often and sometimes she’s nil by mouth. Currently she has a feeding tube to make sure she’s getting all the nutrients she needs. Her condition doesn’t stop her cooking - she loves it and is constantly trying new dishes on Chris, her Nan and the family.

  • Pictured: Ann, Elisha and Chris