Stephen Bear

Stephen and Jemma Lucy met on MTV’s Ex on the Beach in 2015, where the pair formed a close friendship.

Published: 8 March 2019
I look back on my life and I've p****d every single girl off, I know I've been out of order, it's not fair really.
— Stephen Bear

The pair remained friends and following Bear’s appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in 2016, they hooked up for a joint PA and love began to blossom. The couple even got matching tattoos.

Their relationship was short-lived after Jemma suspected that Bear had cheated on her, with her getting messages from girls on social media saying they’d slept with him. Bear denied he ever cheated.

Jemma Lucy - 30, reality TV star
Stephen Bear - 29, reality TV star/presenter
Jamie Campbell - 23, drag queen/documentary star
Sam Bird - 25, reality TV star
London Hughes - 29, comedian

Voiceover by Alice Levine

How did you and Jemma first meet?

I filmed Ex On The Beach with Jemma and we just got on. Nothing ever happened [on Ex On The Beach] but then after I left Celebrity Big Brother, I found it difficult talking to anyone as I didn’t trust many people. I had a lot of personal appearances at the time and because me and Jemma were mates, I asked her to come along, just to have a drink and a laugh, but we ended up getting together. It wasn't planned, it just happened.

Was there a spark between the two of you when you first met?

We were just mates. She’s a pretty girl, but I didn’t ever see it like that because I was seeing Vicky [Pattison] and Vicky was good mates with Jemma.

How did you find the relationship?

We were together a couple of months. It was a funny period in my life because there was so much hype after leaving the show [Celebrity Big Brother] and I was going out a lot. It felt like it was just me and Jemma, in our own little bubble, partying every night. I smashed up a few hotel rooms, I thought I was a rock star. I don’t regret anything about it, it was a really fun period.

You and Jemma both got matching tattoos - any regrets?

My mate does my tattoos for me and I took Jemma with me to one of my tattoo sessions and I said to her, "F**k it shall we just get matching tattoos?" And she said "Yeah, alright." So we both ended up getting tattoos that you connect together to make a full heart. It’s actually quite nice. That’s how I felt at the time, I don’t regret doing it. I’ve lasered it off now.

Where did the relationship go wrong?

When I went into Celebrity Big Brother, I sort of had a girlfriend, but then I came out and decided I wanted to be single. Then I started seeing Jemma, but in my heart I wasn't ready to settle down. I thought me and Jemma were on the same wavelength, but I might have said things to her that made her think differently. That's what I do, I can't help it.

How was the break up?

I think Jemma s*****d me off quite a bit, which is understandable, I wouldn't be happy. Before we got together we were good mates, if I see her out I haven't got a bad word to say about her. I think she’s cool.

How did you feel before meeting up with Jemma for lunch?

I was seeing my girlfriend Ellie at the time and I wasn't going to go at first, but then I thought "I'm only going for a bit of food." I was quite nervous as I didn't want to embarrass Ellie or say anything stupid. That's what I was more worried about, hurting Ellie's feelings and what I would say because I knew she'd watch it back. When I saw Jemma, I didn't really know what to do with myself. I thought I'd be confident, but I was a bit taken back by it all. There were no feelings there in a romantic sense, it was more a feeling of "I hope you're all right and let's try and have a normal conversation."

Did you expect Jemma to confront you over the cheating?

I could have lied, but I thought "I'm sick of lying, I'll just come clean." I didn't know what was going to be said over lunch. To be honest I forgot I even did it, I completely forgot how it ended. Then she brought it up and I tried to lie to begin with, but then I thought, "What's the point?"

Why did you throw two drinks over yourself?

I deserved it. To save her doing it, I did it myself. At the time, I wasn't really thinking straight. It's only since the beginning of this year I've been thinking more clearly. The past few years have been a bit wild and I didn't really know right from wrong. I was in la-la land and in my own world. I feel more grown up now, I want to treat girls with more respect. I'd like to stop the partying and stop the drinking and focus on my life.

Are you glad you and Jemma cleared the air on the show?

It was nice catching up with an old friend. I'm happy we cleared the air and it's another chapter closed. With me, I annoy every girl and then never speak to them again. Every single girl I've been with has ended badly. So for me to clear the air with one person I suppose was alright. I look back on my life and I've p****d every single girl off, I know I've been out of order, it's not fair really.

Is it difficult dating in the public eye?

It's horrendous. I said to myself I didn't want a girlfriend in those circles. A lot of girls in the public eye have a big ego, but Jemma never had that. With a lot of girls I've dated, a lot of stuff revolves around them and it's quite draining and boring and quite sad really. I want to try and be a bit more low key with things now.

Do you think you will be different in a relationship from now on?

A leopard doesn't change its spots, but hopefully this leopard does. I do think it's possible. I'm in a better frame of mind this year, a lot of madness happened last year, but I'm going to turn it all around and hopefully it will work out.

What does the rest of the year hold for you?

I am going to Ibiza this year and will probably go to LA. I want to get into acting and be in blockbuster movies. I'm not messing about, I'm not going to end up in EastEnders. I'm going to Hollywood. I'm going to focus on that, we'll see what happens.