Eating With My Ex: Celebrity Specials

Jemma Lucy

The thing with me and Bear is that we had a very good friendship before we were together, so he was like my best friend anyway.Jemma Lucy
Date: 08.03.2019     Last updated: 08.03.2019 at 17.27
Jemma and Stephen Bear met on MTV’s Ex on the Beach in 2015, where the pair formed a close friendship.

The pair remained friends and following Bear’s appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in 2016, they hooked up for a joint PA and love began to blossom. The couple even got matching tattoos.

Their relationship was short-lived after Jemma suspected that Bear had cheated on her, with her getting messages from girls on social media saying they’d slept with him. Bear denied he ever cheated.

How did you first meet Bear?

We met on Ex on the Beach in 2015. When I first saw him, he’s just one of those guys that will try it with everyone, so I saw him try it with a few people and he didn’t have much luck. And then he tried it with me, and I was like, "Nah." It’s funny, because he’s not my type at all. There weren’t any feelings there then. He denies that he tried it on with me, but he did.

How did you end up dating Bear?

We get on so well. When he came out of Celebrity Big Brother we started hanging out lots, I kind of knew very quickly what his intentions were. We were together for four months.

How did you find the relationship?

It was so intense. When we filmed Eating With My Ex he said that he didn’t know if he actually loved me, but the thing is, back then, he was telling me he loved me after like two days and saying it all the time. So if he didn’t [love me], then he pretended really well. And I did fall for him.

You think that he cheated on you - was the programme a chance to confront him?

I knew he cheated, I always knew, but for him to actually admit it, even though he did it in a jokey way, was quite good. I wasn’t looking for closure, because I knew he’d cheated, it wasn’t me guessing or making it up, because I had the girl tell me and prove it to me in a few ways. I knew, it was right in front of my face. I don’t even want to say I’m grateful that he admitted it - the thing is, to be grateful that he admitted it, he should have done it back when he still cared about me and had feelings, because that’s why he didn’t admit it then. But he admits it now because he doesn’t care whether I’m angry about it or not.

What happened after you broke up?

The thing with me and Bear is that we had a very good friendship before we were together, so he was like my best friend anyway. It was one of those situations where you know someone and you don’t see them for a few months, and then when you see them, it’s like you’ve been with them every day. We had a really good friendship. When we split up, obviously not straight away, but we kind of just went back to that. It’s weird that we even dated. But he always gets girlfriends that don’t like me being his friend.

What did you learn from dating Bear?

To not move so quickly. I knew that anyway, but he’s so intense. And where he’s so lovely, it’s kind of like, why not? He wants you around him 24/7, and if you’re in a restaurant he wants to sit next to you and hold your hand, he’s just so affectionate. I find a lot of men I go for aren’t like that, so it was just quite nice.

Does having a public profile make dating harder?

Yeah, definitely. It makes it harder in two ways - one, people think that what they see on television is what you’re like in real life, so where I’ve been crazy and whatever, I do attract guys that maybe don’t want to stick around, or guys that are also crazy. But that’s not really what I’m like. And then also, there are people that I’ve dated that definitely wouldn’t have dated me if I wasn’t on the TV.

Are you glad you took part in the show?

I’m so happy that I took part, I had so much fun. The way that Bear admitted he cheated made it even better, because it’s so funny.