Dragons' Den

Dragons' Den returns for its 15th series with two new multi-millionaires entering the fray

Interview with Touker Suleyman

When we’re in the Den each Dragon is out for themselves, we will fight over a deal.Touker Suleyman
Date: 10.08.2017     Last updated: 10.08.2017 at 08.00
Touker Suleyman joined Dragons’ Den in 2015 for the 13th series.

What’s your favourite thing about being a dragon?
Being a Dragon gives me the opportunity to give other entrepreneurs my experience and of course my cash and guidance.

How do you get on with the new Dragons?
The new Dragons were like ducks to water within a few days. When we’re in the Den each Dragon is out for themselves, we will fight over a deal. However, when we’re out of the Den we’re great friends. We go for dinner together all the time when we’re filming.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming on the show?
If you’re considering coming onto Dragons’ Den the first thing is believe in yourself. Believe in what you’re offering. The most important thing is get your numbers right, get your pitch right and be confident.

What sort of businesses are you looking for?
I was involved with retail and manufacturing then all of a sudden I find myself in the baby world. Baby products seem to be my niche at the moment but I’m involved in food, toys, and all sorts of different industries. I’m very wide open for the right investment.

What would your dream investment be?
My dream investment would be one where I put the least amount of money in but make the most amount of profit. I think the important thing is that it’s about having a business with a great brand, great customer base, great data, and a great product that you can market around the world.

How important is the entrepreneur themselves in your decision whether or not to invest?
The entrepreneur is so important. I’m investing in the entrepreneur, you can have a great business but if I can’t work with the entrepreneur I won’t invest.

We do ask entrepreneurs about their backgrounds and their expertise, after a while in business you get that gut feeling and in your head you create an image of who they are and what they’re capable of.