Interview with Jo Eaton-Kent

Jo Eaton-Kent plays Bradley.

Published: 2 April 2019
Do I have a favourite character? I love me! Also Kayla, because she’s so feisty. Joy is a joy in general, she’s fantastic.
— Jo Eaton-Kent

Tell us about your character
Bradley is Kayla’s best mate. Bradley is a non-binary person. The writer Tim describes Bradley as Bognor’s Leigh Bowery/Scotty - very colourful and very queer. Bradley does what they want and lives the life they want to live and is training to be an undertaker at the local mortuary.

What’s the relationship between Bradley and Kayla?
Brad and Kay are best mates. They are fire and ice, like all good dynamic duos. I’m the ice to Kayla’s fire. Kayla, Brad and Rita are probably the weirdest people in Bognor Regis! We’re the dream team of weird.

What’s the relationship between Peter and Bradley?
Brad and Peter know each other through Kayla - in the show I’m always at Peter’s house, smoking something or playing on the games console! I’m not sure how Peter feels about Brad, but I don’t think Brad cares either way.

Where does the comedy in the series come from?
I think a lot of what’s funny about this is how real it is. A lot of what we do is completely ordinary, but at the same time hilarious. We are normal, different human beings put into a pot together.

What elements of this series particularly stand out to you?
The inclusivity of the show - the casting - it’s just not something you see in film and television. It’s on the rise, but you don’t get enough of it. We need to see more of it and this series is leading the way. I’m a non-binary person myself and I haven’t really ever seen any characters on TV like me, of my generation, representing the non-binary, gender-fluid, gender queer community.

It’s never specified in the script what Bradley identifies as. There’s no use of pronouns, Bradley doesn’t really talk about it - but that’s the reality. People’s identities are their own problems. That’s what I love about the show, it doesn’t exploit the topic. It doesn’t sensationalise it. It’s just a reflection of life.

What do you think audiences will get from this series?
Hopefully they will find it funny! Hopefully they will see that we can all coexist inside this little bubble. We’re all just doing what we need to to get by and audiences will empathise with that. There’s common ground.

Do you have a favourite character?
I love me! Also Kayla, because she’s so feisty. Joy is a joy in general, she’s fantastic - Marcia Warren is a genius. I also fancy Lech a little bit! He’s over six foot, muscly and European! Need I say more.


Peter Green / Barry Green - Toby Jones

Fran - Claire Rushbrook

Joy - Marcia Warren

Squeaky Dave - Danny Kirrane

Kayla - Erin Kellyman

Rita - Luwam Teklizgi

Brad - Jo Eaton-Kent

Lech - Dino Kelly

Cameron - Harry Gaythwaite

Micheal - Tim Preece 

Maureen - Carol MacReady

Colin - Stephen Bent

Parish - Krrish Patel

Manju - Bharti Patel

Kieran - Wils Whittington

Ade - Luke Sullivan

Executive Producers Jane Featherstone, Naomi de Pear

Created by Tim Crouch

Written by Tim Crouch and Toby Jones

Produced by Holly Pullinger

Directed by Tim Kirkby


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