Come Home

New Danny Brocklehurst drama coming soon to BBC One

Interview with Kerri Quinn

I saw in Brenna a lot of flaws and qualities I see in myself... I fell in love with her instantly so hopefully the audience will too.Kerri Quinn
Date: 16.03.2018     Last updated: 16.03.2018 at 10.00

Introduce us to your character, Brenna.

Brenna Coyle is a working mother, in a very abusive and loveless marriage. Her husband works away a lot leaving her to run her local sandwich on wheels business. She is a very positive loveable character despite her current situation. Her son is her world and she works hard to provide for him.

What attracted you to the role?

I saw in Brenna a lot of flaws and qualities I see in myself. Her honesty and her quick tongue could potentially get her in to trouble. Also, she is a woman who just wants to be loved and love in return. Her journey is very beautiful. I fell in love with her instantly so hopefully the audience will too.

You’re from Northern Ireland, what was it like on set? Did you have a favourite filming location?

The set was like one big family! Being my first time on a set of this capacity, I was really nervous about adapting from a theatre environment. It was a pleasure to come to set. Everyone was very supportive and it felt it was a safe working environment. My favourite location was the Errigle bar. There was a lovely buzz about the set; there were a lot of new faces and a fantastic scene to perform.

Come Home is a drama, but there are comical scenes.

Yes it is a drama and therefore we felt it vital to find those moments of light relief, particularly with the Greg and Brenna scenes. Myself and Chris had a lot fun shooting some of the more intimate scenes. The crew laughed a lot on our behalf - it really was a hoot!

How was it working with Christopher and Paula?

Christopher and I met at my final audition and we clicked straight away. The chemistry was instant and it just grew as the shoot progressed. He is a diamond to work with and such a generous actor and we will definitely keep in touch. I had very little scenes with Paula unfortunately but we'd plenty of laughs in makeup and she came to my opening night of Threepenny Opera at The Lyric theatre Belfast.

How do we see Brenna’s character develop throughout the series?

When we first meet Brenna we see her having the banter with the boys at the garage so she is a lively soul, we then see her at her most vulnerable during the encounters with her husband. She makes some very bold decisions in order to keep Greg in her life. For once she meets a man that makes her and her son (Davey) feel safe and secure and loved. She won’t let that go in hurry. She is a very loyal person and her strength is remarkable.

What will surprise the audience about the drama?

I’d say how ruthless these people are, not that that makes them unlikable in any way, they're just very honest and real. Danny Brocklehurst wasn't afraid to get ugly with the characters. I love that.

What do you hope the audience will take from this drama?

Hopefully the audience will feel hope. It is dark at times but we should care for all of the characters by the end, everything they do is justified. We get to see both the man and woman’s point of view and see them be brutal with each other. Ultimately Brenna, Greg and Marie just want what's best for their kids.

They may feel slightly torn as to what woman Greg should have in his life. Should the kids be with Greg or Marie? Who knows. So torn, empathy and hope.

You’ve done a lot of theatre work, how does it compare to television?

Theatre and TV, two very different beasts but both equally rewarding. I adore theatre, it's what I know but I've always wanted to explore the TV route, unfortunately the opportunities just haven't come my way because when I’ve been involved in theatre contracts you aren't as available for several rounds of auditions and shoot dates. Now that I’ve experienced it I have to say I want more. It was such an amazing experience.