BBC Children in Need 2018

Marvin Humes

It’s just a great night and I feel so lucky to be a part of it again.Marvin Humes
Date: 06.11.2018     Last updated: 06.11.2018 at 00.01

What is your favourite part about presenting the BBC Children in Need evening?

It’s such a massive show to be a part of, I grew up watching Pudsey on BBC Children in Need, it’s pretty much a British institution, it’s something that we all know and get involved with over the years. Also, I get to host with Rochelle, we love working together and there’s always so many fun things going on throughout the evening. It’s just a great night and I feel so lucky to be a part of it again.

It must be great having the opportunity to work with your wife again…

There’s no one better to work with than the person you know best and is your best friend so I’m really lucky to be working with her. It’s doesn’t feel like work when I’m with Rochelle, you may sometimes have to work with people that you’ve never worked with before and it can be tricky at the beginning, so obviously when working with your partner it doesn’t get any easier than that.

This will be your third year of hosting the evening, has there been a highlight moment for you?

I think breaking the record last year for the money raised is always an amazing thing. We never start the process thinking we have to smash the previous year’s total, so it’s just amazing the amount of money we do raise. Every year people just continue to donate, so when we broke the record that was definitely a highlight for me.

£60.7 million was raised last year - do you think it’s possible raise an even bigger amount this year?

The British public are always so generous on the night so we are very lucky. There are so many different charities appeals, TV shows and events which is wonderful but you always wonder whether it’s possible to keep breaking the record. If we don’t, we are still going to raise a hell of a lot of money and it will still be a good night regardless! 

Have there been any BBC Children in Need stories from previous years that have really moved you?

Yes always, I remember getting choked up when there was a story about a family who lost not one but two of their children, especially when Rochelle and I have two little girls, I just think it’s really hits home to us. When you see these stories of some of these children unfortunately losing their lives, it’s the most heart breaking thing.

Why do you think people around the country should tune in this year?

It’s always a great night, there’s no night on British TV like BBC Children in Need, there’s so many different presenters and so many different walks of talent across all boards, you get popstars, comedians, actors so it will just be a lot of fun. Of course, there’s going to be moments where it’s going to hit home but that’s all part of the reason why we all get together to spread a great message and hopefully raise as much as we can.