London 2012 Festival and The Cultural Olympiad on the BBC

Roger Mosey, BBC Director, London 2012, introduces the Cultural Olympiad and London 2012 Festival on the BBC.

We talk about 2012 as being a landmark year for the United Kingdom, and a simple comparison with this year illustrates what we mean.

The day of the Royal Wedding in 2011 was a global event. But next year we'll have a minimum of three huge days marking the Queen's Diamond Jubilee – the first since 1897. Then we'll have 70 days in which the Olympic Torch will travel around the UK along with 80 days of the London 2012 Festival and then the 17 days of the Olympic Games as the biggest sporting event ever held in the UK.

It will be the BBC's most ambitious set of outside broadcasts in a lifetime, and our aim is that we will deliver something for everyone in the United Kingdom. Nobody should be left untouched by the story of 2012.

And within that, we're determined to do justice to the arts and to the wide range of cultural performance that will accompany the year's sporting highs. The Olympic tradition is of sport and arts together as the pinnacles of achievement, and that spirit will run through our programmes across all BBC platforms.

It has been exciting for us in the 2012 team to start seeing the fruits of some wonderful creative endeavour as we get closer to the Olympic year. Now we can start sharing it, and today marks the beginning of a story we hope you'll enjoy with us every step of the way.

Full details of London 2012 Festival and The Cultural Olympiad on the BBC can be found here

Roger Mosey, BBC Director, London 2012