Autumnwatch New England

Starts Monday 15 October on BBC Two at 8pm

Date: 10.10.2018     Last updated: 10.10.2018 at 15.09
Category: BBC Two; Factual
This year, in a one-off special event, Autumnwatch is to broadcast live from the heart of one of the greatest autumnal spectacles on earth - the American Fall.

Autumnwatch New England is a co-production with PBS, and will come from the heart of New England, Squam Lake in New Hampshire.

Presented by Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan and Gillian Burke, this special series will track a seasonal spectacle that is so big it can be seen from space. Over two months the forests of New England shed their summer green and change to a mix of red, orange and gold - painting the landscape in autumnal hues.

Beneath the colourful canopy, Autumnwatch New England will follow the usual Autumnwatch format that audiences love, bugging the forest, lakes, ponds and clearings with remote cameras to unearth the secret lives of the animals that call this place home.

Some species will be familiar; foxes, squirrels and deer, whereas others are will be more surprising to the UK viewers; moose, flying squirrels and black bears.

Pre-packaged films will look at the season across this whole area - from the colder northern reaches of Maine, to the coastal habitats of Cape Cod, the mountains of Vermont to the bogs of Massachusetts and rivers of Connecticut.

They will cover huge hawk migrations and swarming swallows, look into the science and history of this magical season, and feature aggressive turkeys, secretive bobcats and massive moose.

The team will also explore the culture and traditions of ‘the Fall’ - from pumpkin harvests, Native American traditions and maple syrup production.

Autumnwatch New England will be an autumn like no other.

Autumnwatch Digital

As ever, the Autumnwatch New England digital team will be up and running just before the TV shows start, and will be providing a wealth of exciting extra content for those that just cant get enough on the TV shows.

There will be extra clips not seen on TV, such as super-cuts of the astonishing drone footage showing the changing colours of the season, and outtakes and unseen content from the filming.

Regular highlight packages from the remote cameras will provide a more in-depth insight into the secret lives of the animals we are covering, and interviews with the people behind the camera will shows the secret lives of the crew!

For the first time the team will be creating bespoke 360 videos so that viewers back home can experience an immersive experience and see what it is like to be in the forests, and we will get up close and personal with many of the key characters by meeting some rescue animals.

All this and much more will be on the Autumnwatch website, as well as across our social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Co-production with PBS

Autumnwatch New England is the first time that the ‘watches’ have worked with a co-production partner, and we are delighted that we will be able to bring the show to an American audience for the first time through a relationship with PBS

The PBS show will be hosted by New England native Samantha Brown, a much-loved and respected travel host for the channel. Chris Packham will co-host, bringing his experience of the Autumnwatch show and natural history knowledge, and they will be joined by wildlife cameraman Bob Poole - who will be out and about with his live camera trying to track down live images for the crew.

The PBS show will also add extra elements which focus on the many and varied cultural elements of the American Fall - from pumpkins to cranberry harvests, poetry, music and Native America culture.