All Together Now

The Grand Final - BBC One, Saturday 13 April


I felt very nervous but excited at the opportunity to sing again in front of The 100.Aron
Date: 08.04.2019     Last updated: 08.04.2019 at 14.26
Rob Beckett hosts the Grand Final of All Together Now, as ten amazing acts return to face Spice Girl Geri Horner and the rest of The 100, as well as performing together for the first time in a big group number to open the show.

Song that got you to the final:

I Have Nothing - Whitney Houston

Did you watch your episode, what was the response from your family and friends?

I did! It was absolutely surreal. Family and friends were very proud.

Did you get to know your fellow finalists?

Yep. We have a WhatsApp group. Going through ATN together has definitely brought us closer.

Song for the final?

Against All Odds - Phil Collins

Why did you choose your song for the final?

It is a classic, full of emotion and it's message is relatable to most.

How did you feel backstage before you performed in the final?

Very nervous but excited at the opportunity to sing again in front of The 100.

What was the atmosphere like when you walked out in front of The 100?

Tense, I could feel it in the air. A lot was at stake and The 100 were being very sparing with points to previous performers!

What/who is your favourite all time song and/or artist?

That’s like asking a mother which her favourite child is!