All Together Now - The Final

Ten finalists face off in front of The 100

Karl Lewis (Swansea, Episode 2)

Seeing that many people put their lights on and stand up was amazing and something I’ll never forget.Karl Lewis
Date: 25.02.2018     Last updated: 26.02.2018 at 15.21
Songs that got you to the final:
Shut up and Dance by Walk The Moon and Wonderwall by Oasis

Why did you choose Shut Up and Dance?

I wanted an upbeat happy song and I thought it would be perfect. I also perform this song at my gigs and it always goes down well.

How did it feel backstage before you performed?

It was a cross between nervous and excited before my performance. I enjoyed singing in my heat so much I couldn't wait to do it again.

What was the atmosphere like when you walked out in front of The 100?

The atmosphere was pretty intense. It goes dead quiet when you’re walking onto the stage, that was probably the most nerve-wracking part for me personally.

Were you more nervous when it came to the final?

I think I was actually less nervous in the final. I wasn't expecting to win as there were so many fantastic singers and performers so I was just trying to enjoy the experience as best I could.

Did you get to know your fellow finalists?

Yes, all the finalists were so nice and we got on so well. There weren’t any divas, or anyone who thought they were better than anyone else. Everyone was really supportive and wanted everyone to do well.

Best memory from taking part in the show.

My best memory was definitely my first performance. Seeing that many people put their lights on and stand up was amazing and something I’ll never forget.

What is your favourite all time song and/or artist?

My favourite song of all time is Shiny Happy People by REM. It’s really random but it’s a song I’ve always loved and never get tired of.

How did you find being on the show with Rob and Geri?

It was fantastic being on the show and getting the chance to meet Rob and Geri. I think Rob makes the show, with his comments and one-liners. And Geri was always my favourite Spice Girl!