Character Descriptions

Date: 23.07.2018     Last updated: 23.07.2018 at 11.11

Isabel Finch (Polly Walker)
Known as Bel, 47 years old. Married to Wes. Set up MirrorBel beauty business in her 20s but hung up her beautician apron for good when she had kids 18 years ago. Mother to Lexie and Tyler (twins). Bel is grounded, reliable with an excellent business head and the sensible one in her crazy family.

Wesley Finch (James Murray)
Forty eight years old. Married to Bel. Ruggedly handsome, always sees the best in people. Wesley has his own joinery business. Father to Lexie and Tyler.

Lexie Finch (Lucy Polgar)
Eighteen years old. Attends Leeds University. Boyish, plain, no-nonsense. Twin sister of Tyler.

Tyler Finch (Louis Threlfall)
Eighteen years old. Attends Leeds University. Ethereal, delicate, beautiful. Twin brother of Lexie.

Leanne Roxton (Kelly Harrison)
Forty years old. Married to Teddy. Leanne is Bel’s youngest sister. She is loud, loves being centre of attention and completely self-obsessed. She’s the bitch we love to love. She doesn’t have a business head on her shoulders so although she has good ideas for the business she has no idea how to execute them. She specializes in nails. Her main aim in life is to be better than Bel.

Teddy Roxton (Robson Green)
Forty eight years old. Teddy is charming, attractive and a successful businessman. He’s a schemer and always has a plan to get what he wants. Married to Leanne, he is tolerant of her insecurities with regards to Bel and supportive of his wife’s ambitions to become an anti-aging guru.

Tina Regan (Lisa Riley)
Forty five years old. Tina is a tattoo artist. Tina has a sensible head on her shoulders - she’s comfortable in her own skin. She pretends to be a lesbian so that her crazy family don’t quiz her on why she’s still single...

Heidi Regan (Vicki Myers)
Thirty five years old. Single. Mother to Disney. Cosmetic surgery addict. Heidi would have loved more than anything to be a WAG and is obsessed with footballers. She obsesses about entering her daughter Disney into beauty pageants. She’s the ultimate pushy mother who drills her daughter endlessly but is desperate for them to be BFFs.

Disney Regan (Isabella Gill)
Eight years old. Spoilt rotten - a sporty beauty pageant queen who wants to be a footballer.

Ivy-Rae Regan (Sue Johnston)
In her sixties. Fierce, lean, northern soul dancer. Married to Chizzler. They have an open relationship. Ivy-Rae has a ferocious sex drive and has various dalliances with different men but always returns home to Chizzler.

Chizzler Regan (Struan Rodger)
In his eighties. Small, wiry, wheelchair user. Runs a boxing gym. Married to Ivy-Rae. Since they have an open relationship he puts a brave face on Ivy-Rae’s numerous conquests. He and Bel share a particularly close relationship.

Lorelei Bailey (Madeleine Mantock)
Twenty eight years old. Personal trainer. Naturally beautiful, vibrant, winning. Wants to settle down and have a family.

Dante Shah (Amir El-Masry)
Twenty two years old. Mixed race, toned, handsome. Gorgeous metrosexual, living champagne lifestyle on orange juice budget. He’s up to his eyeballs in debt.


Pictured: Teddy (Robson Green), Bel (Polly Walker) Leanne (Kelly Harrison), Wesley (James Murray)