Welcome to the new BBC Media Centre

We’d really welcome your feedback, so please tell us what you like, and what you would like to see added or improved."Ben Murray, Editor
Date: 30.10.2011     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 17.57
This new site brings you the latest news, announcements, responses and programme information from the BBC’s Press Office and publicity teams.

Designed for journalists, bloggers and online commentators, the BBC Media Centre is the first site to launch as part of the BBC’s new series of corporate websites.

These sites are being redesigned to make information across the BBC easier to find, use and share; with a new look and feel; and multimedia and social media at their core.

The BBC Media Centre site is organised into 4 main areas:

• Latest News – for announcements, information and updates from across the BBC

• Media Packs – bringing you information, pictures, videos, and interviews for specific programmes, events and seasons

• Statements & Responses – a new section featuring the BBC Press Office’s responses to issues and questions

• Programme Information – details and scheduling information for upcoming BBC programmes on TV and radio

The new site also includes various improvements, following user testing and surveys earlier in the year:

• Clearer layout and simplified navigation

• Improved search functionality

• Tags that allow you to search by specific categories

• Multimedia featured across the site

• Filtering tool for Programme Information, allowing you to search by week, channel, network and day

• Schedule updates aggregated on a single page

• Links to the BBC pictures and previews sites.

• Social media share tools on every page

• Embedded Twitter feeds, including @bbcpress, manned by the BBC Press Office team

The BBC Media Centre site includes content from August 01 2011, and will be updated daily. Several thousand press releases, media packs, interviews and programme information listings prior to August 2011 will be archived at the old BBC Press Office website and can be searched via this page.

We’d really welcome your feedback, so please tell us what you like, and what you would like to see added or improved. We will try to incorporate your ideas as we develop the site over the coming months. You can get in touch on Twitter via @bbcpress, or via the Enquiries form.

Many thanks, and we hope you like the new site.

Ben Murray (Editor, BBC Media Centre)