Ladhood lands a second series

I'm excited and honoured to have another chance to work with a tremendously talented cast and crew in giving my own grubby memories far more gravitas than they deserve.Liam Williams
Date: 10.02.2020     Last updated: 10.02.2020 at 00.01
BBC Three has ordered a second series of Ladhood, the coming-of-age comedy from the Bafta-nominated writer, actor and comedian, Liam Williams.

Adapted from his original BBC Radio 4 series, Ladhood straddles two timelines as Liam explores the roots of modern-day masculinity, by delving into the memories of his own misspent adolescence in the Leeds suburb of Garforth during the early noughties.

Across the series Liam and his best mates Ralph, Addy and Craggy go through many of the teenage rites of passage. Getting get drunk, trying drugs, ending up in fights, falling in love and falling apart.

Ladhood launched in December 2019 on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer with a slot on BBC One in January 2020.

Liam Williams says: "I'm excited and honoured to have another chance to work with a tremendously talented cast and crew in giving my own grubby memories far more gravitas than they deserve."

Shane Allen, Controller of Comedy Commissioning, says: “Ladhood has a terrific concept which audiences have found really engaging. Liam’s deft writing manages to both excoriate and celebrate the trials and tribulations of those formative late teen years as he traces back the roots of the person he then became in adulthood. With a superb cast and a soundtrack to boot, this keeps the BBC Three comedy flame burning brighter than ever.”

Fiona Campbell, Controller of BBC Three ,says: “Ladhood is a brilliant series for BBC Three as it manages to perfectly blend nostalgia with the present day. With so many themes and stories that our audience recognises, and a strong sense of place and accents to boot, we can’t wait for more.”

Josh Cole, Head of Comedy at BBC Studios, says: “We’re thrilled to have the chance to make more episodes of Ladhood for the BBC. Liam is a phenomenally talented and funny man and I can think of no-one more suited to brilliantly exploring the roots of modern-day masculinity. We’ll see you back in early '00s Garforth.”

Ladhood is a BBC Studios production, produced by Joe Nunnery, directed by Jonathan Schey and executive produced by Gareth Edwards. Liam wrote, starred and was an associate producer on the series.

A second 6x25' series will begin filming later this year. The series is commissioned by Shane Allen, Controller of Comedy Commissioning and Fiona Campbell, Controller of BBC Three.

The whole first series is available to view on iPlayer as a boxset.


The show has received much critical acclaim:

Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian: “Based on comic Liam Williams’s adolescence, this Leeds-set series combines nostalgic laughs and Fleabag-style tenderness for the perfect tale of growing up disgracefully.”

Hydall Codeen, Vice: “A six-part snapshot of what it was to grow up in the first decade of this millennium that is rare in its wit, poignancy and incision.”

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke: “References to Eminem, Natasha Bedingfield and shell suits striking a comedic nostalgic chord.”