Paul Woolford, Charlotte de Witte, Honey Dijon, HAAi, Marcel Dettmann and Jayda G lead the new line-up for BBC Radio 1’s Residency

Date: 01.03.2019     Last updated: 01.03.2019 at 13.00
Category: Radio 1; BBC Sounds
BBC Radio 1 has announced the new line-up for BBC Radio 1’s Residency - the strand that brings listeners the biggest names in cutting-edge, forward-thinking dance music from across the club spectrum - with Paul Woolford aka Special Request, Charlotte de Witte, Marcel Dettmann, Honey Dijon, HAAi and Jayda G joining the line-up alongside Monki and Danny Byrd - who are staying on rotation and altogether will form the Residency team from March-August 2019.

Radio 1’s Residency incorporates two shows on a Sunday night into Monday morning between 1-2am and 2-3am, featuring cutting edge DJs and producers from the UK and around the world. Previous residents have included Kolsch, Deadmau5, George FitzGerald, Eats Everything and The Black Madonna.

Paul Woolford has been embedded in the music scene for over 20 years both in DJ booths globally, and in a myriad of recording studios, to redefine and reinvent all shapes of dance music. He has applied his touch to over 200 records, including the work of Sam Smith, Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Lana Del Rey, Disclosure, Wiley, Jamie XX, London Grammar, Underworld, Krystal Klear and Morgan Geist. Woolford has recorded five Essential Mixes for BBC Radio 1, released three mix compilations including his latest album FabricLive91: Special Request. As a DJ, he tours relentlessly and held down a nine year residency at Space on Sundays in Ibiza, as well as a seven year hometown residency at Back To Basics in Leeds.

After bursting onto the scene in 2010, Charlotte de Witte has become one of contemporary techno’s leading lights. Her heart remains tied to the underground techno scene of Belgium where she can be found championing new talent on her Saturday night radio show, ‘Playground Charlotte de Witte’ on Studio Brussel. Previously Charlotte de Witte has curated an Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 and listeners can expect her Residency slot to be a dark, hypnotic and uncompromising sound.

Born in Chicago and mentored by Derrick L. Carter, the city's influence on Honey Dijon’s style is deeply ingrained. Honey Dijon has carved a distinct niche for herself in the world of underground electronic music, and is associated with curated cross-genre sets wherever she plays - from Berghain to Space or Smart Bar. Honey has also been highly active at the intersection of fashion and music, compiling and curating the music for luxury fashion brands’ catwalk shows.

Widely associated with Berlin and institutions Berghain and Hard Wax, Marcel Dettmann has continued innovating electronic music by integrating visual art and techno. Raised in the former GDR, Dettmann developed his passion for electronic music early, counting new wave, post-punk and industrial music as his strongest influences – long before discovering techno and eventually immersing himself in the genre.

Australian born HAAi made her debut Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 last year, which was named Essential Mix of the Year. The London based DJ is an avid collector of Thai and Turkish funk, tripped-out psychedelic records and Nigerian and Kenyan beats. Listeners can expect her Residency slot to seamlessly mix these genres in with her love of techno.

Jayda G has risen stealthily through the dance music underground with her infectious energy, vitality and rhythm. Renowned for her high-energy DJ performances, Jayda G has played all over the world and will soon be releasing her debut album Significant Changes - a blend of vintage drum machine funk drawing heavily on Chicago’s house blueprint.

The new line-up is as follows:

First Monday of the month, beginning 4 March

  • Marcel Dettmann
  • Charlotte de Witte

Second Monday of the month, beginning 11 March

  • Honey Dijon
  • Jayda G

Third Monday of the month, beginning 18 March

  • Paul Woolford aka Special Request
  • HAAi

Fourth Monday of the month, beginning 25 March

  • Monki
  • Danny Byrd

Paul Woolford aka Special Request says: “As a lifelong listener of Radio 1, I am beyond buzzing to join The Residency. I’m so excited to share my record collection and shine a light on the new generation of producers that are consistently blowing my mind.”

Charlotte de Witte says: “BBC Radio 1 has always showed me a lot of support since the beginning of my career, so I’m unbelievably proud to be part of the new BBC Radio 1 Residency team - it means the world to me. I can’t wait to dig deep into the beautiful world of techno with you guys. Expect to hear some stripped, powerful techno, combined with some more emotional and melancholic ambient moments. We're going to start slow, build up and go hard. Looking forward to joining you on the airwaves and I promise to give you my all!”

Honey Dijon says: “I am truly honored to be given the opportunity to present my very first radio residency on BBC Radio 1. It’s been an amazing journey from the south side of Chicago to the shores of the UK and I couldn’t be more thrilled. If you know me then you know I don’t believe great music has an expiration date. Past, present, and future all coexist harmoniously and I am super excited to share these special musical moments with you. Music is the answer.”

Marcel Dettmann says: “The BBC Radio 1 Residency is a great opportunity for me to play new music and to share what I’m listening to with the public - outside of the club. Also, I am drawn to talking directly to people wherever they may be. I grew up in Eastern Germany listening to the radio - it was my gateway to the free world. That said, putting together and hosting this show is both fun and a challenge. I hope my selection and mix has a similar effect that radio had on me while growing up to be the listener and music obsessive I am today.”

HAAi says: “I’m very psyched to bring a taste of my music to Radio 1’s Residency. Every month I’ll be taking a journey through the music I care about the most from all around the globe. I can’t wait to get started.”

Jayda G says: “It’s so cool! I’m beside myself that I got offered such an opportunity at BBC Radio 1. I’ve been wanting to do a radio show for a while now and I love that I get to showcase my record collection. It’s going to be fun to dig a little deeper into the songs that I love from disco to house and everything in between.”