Hey Duggee cordially invites you to celebrate King Tiger’s Royal Wedding on CBeebies on 19 May at 7.25am

Date: 17.05.2018     Last updated: 17.05.2018 at 00.00
There is another Royal Wedding taking place on May 19. Hey Duggee character King Tiger has met his perfect partner and is getting married in a brand new episode, titled Hey Duggee & The Wedding Badge.

The squirrels are playing at the clubhouse when there is a knock at the door. Its delivery Chipmunk with a special delivery for Duggee and the squirrels. Duggee opens the envelope and takes out the card inside: "It is with very great pleasure that I invite Duggee and the Squirrels to my Wedding...
" WOW, King Tiger is getting married, it’s going to be a royal wedding! The squirrels are to be special Guests of Honour, but who is King Tiger marrying?! The invitation doesn’t say…

The event quickly gets into full swing, but then there is a problem with the bride-to-be’s wedding dress. To the rescue squirrels!!

King Tiger’s hotly anticipated royal wedding will be covered by BBC newsreaders Kasia Madera and Chris Foxx on Hey Duggee’s Instagram stories, from 7.15am on 19 May.

The bride’s identity will remain a secret until TX.

Hey Duggee & The Wedding Badge will air on CBeebies at 7.25am on Saturday 19 May.

Hey Duggee, a Studio AKA production with BBC Studios, is one of the happiest, most fun shows on kids TV! Duggee, a huggable dog, is the leader of The Squirrel Club, a place where kids (known as the Squirrels) can go to have adventures, try new things and earn badges.

Loved by both girls and boys (and much adored by parents too!), Hey Duggee inspires children to be energetic, work as a team and take risks in a safe, happy environment. Fun can be found in all aspects of Hey Duggee: the stories, the bright aesthetic, the cheerful music and the narration by comedian Alexander Armstrong.

Special moments in every episode see the Squirrels rewarded with a badge for their efforts and ending with a big 'Duggee Hug'. Bafta and international Emmy award-winning Hey Duggee brings smiles, laughter and hugs into a pre-schooler’s day like no other TV show can.

The series is a break-out hit on CBeebies in the UK and consistently ranks as one of the Top 3 programmes on the channel. Hey Duggee has an impressive global footprint in over 150 territories, including China, US, Australia, Canada, France and Italy.

Frances Cherry-Becker