Spooky Tales from CBBC and DHX Media in a major new co-production: Creeped Out

Everyone loves a story that brings chills to the back of your neck, and Creeped Out is guaranteed to do just that. Cheryl Taylor, Controller, CBBC
Date: 28.03.2017     Last updated: 28.03.2017 at 09.00
Category: CBBC; Commissioning
This autumn CBBC invites audiences to enter the strange world of Creeped Out, an original new drama anthology of spooky tales.

A major new co-production between CBBC Productions - the in-house team based in Salford - and DHX Media, Creeped Out is a 13-part anthology created by Bede Blake and Rob Butler. It will be filmed in the UK and Canada. The stories combine sci-fi, horror, adventure, suspense, fantasy and mystery to thrill young viewers. The individual stories will be linked together by 'The Curious', a mysterious story collector who appears at the beginning and end of each episode.

Creeped Out has been commissioned for the UK by Cheryl Taylor, Controller of CBBC, who says: “Everyone loves a story that brings chills to the back of your neck, and Creeped Out is guaranteed to do just that. The unnerving tales and compelling characters range from enigmatic time travellers to macabre puppets. The whole family will be able to enjoy these mysterious stories.”

Juliet Charlesworth (Happy Valley, Wolfblood) is producer on the series for CBBC, with Simon Barry (Continuum, Van Helsing) as executive creative consultant and Helen Bullough is the executive producer for CBBC. The executive producers for DHX Media are Josh Scherba, Asaph Fipke and Ken Faier. The lead writers on the series are Bede Blake and Rob Butler, with additional scripts by Dennis McGrath and Shelly Eriksen.

Production will start in North West England in April and in Canada in June. The UK director is Steve Hughes and in Canada, Bruce McDonald directs.

Creeped Out will also air on DHX Television’s Family Channel in Canada.

Helen Bullough, Head of CBBC Productions, says: “This is a hugely ambitious and exciting project for us, with world-class storytelling combined with sky-high production values to bring a distinctive and enthralling new series to audiences. We’re delighted to be partnering with DHX Media on it.”

Josh Scherba, EVP Content and Distribution at DHX Media, says: “We’re seeing growing demand for kids’ entertainment that features the fantastical and the unexpected, and the story-telling in Creeped Out is certain to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. There’s a great team behind the show with standout writing and we’re excited to be working with CBBC on a distinctive original show that all the family can enjoy.”