BBC announces religion and ethics plans

Today the BBC is setting out wide-ranging plans to increase our ambition for coverage of religion and ethics.

Published: 20 December 2017

The BBC has always done great work in this area - we produce over 7,000 hours of broadcasting every year. And as UK society becomes more diverse and complex, with so many passionately held, conflicting views, our role in helping audiences to understand belief in a fast-changing world has perhaps never been more important.

However, we want to go further. Today’s plans will enhance what the BBC can deliver and increase our ambition for religion and ethics - helping people understand the world they live in better, and providing tools and knowledge that will inform their lives.

They are based on a year of work including extensive audience research, talking to over 150 senior external stakeholders around the UK, and running sessions with groups of younger adults.

The plans include increasing our specialism in News, with investment in a global team containing new reporters, with specific religious expertise, coordinated centrally by a religious affairs producer. We will also upgrade the Religious Affairs Correspondent role to Editorship level, with the new title of Religion Editor. We also plan for landmark series and programmes to reach wide audiences, with a Year of Beliefs in 2019; diversifying our range of contributors and enhancing portrayal in mainstream programming; improving religious literacy inside and outside the BBC; and helping people understand their values and decisions through innovative content across a range of genres, including using archive content which remains relevant online.

We believe that these plans will ensure that the BBC better reflects the UK, the world, and the role that religion plays in everyday life. They will also raise understanding of the impact religion has on decisions made at home and abroad.

Read the report here.

BBC Press Office

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