These figures are fantastic news for radio, illustrating its enduring appeal in a crowded digital marketplace.Bob Shennan, Director of BBC Radio & Music
Date: 03.08.2017     Last updated: 03.08.2017 at 00.01
BBC Radio 4 is more popular than ever, boosted by record listening to the Today programme, according to new figures published today.
  • Radio 4 reaches a record 11.55 million weekly listeners
  • Today programme attracts biggest ever audience
  • UK Radio listening at all-time high
  • Radio 1 adds nearly 500,000 listeners as Grimmy sees gains

Data from RAJAR shows the station’s audience is at its highest level since records began in 1999, with 11.55 million people listening every week (11.11m last quarter and 11.51m last year), whilst the Today programme draws a record weekly reach of 7.66 million (7.13m last quarter and 7.35m last year).

Elsewhere, BBC Radio 1 added nearly half a million listeners during the measurement period (April 3 and June 25). The station now has 9.59 million listeners - rising to 10.47 million when listeners aged 10+ are included - compared to 9.10m last quarter and 9.46m last year, with a share of 6.2% - up from 5.6% last quarter and 5.7% last year. The Nick Grimshaw Breakfast Show has a weekly audience of 5.50 million - increasing to 5.99m with 10+ listeners included - up from 5.14m last quarter and 5.43m last year.

The figures also show listening to all UK radio at record levels, with 49.21 million people tuning in each week - up by nearly a million on last quarter’s total of 48.23m.

Bob Shennan, Director of BBC Radio & Music, says: “These figures are fantastic news for radio, illustrating its enduring appeal in a crowded digital marketplace. Radio 4 remains as vital as ever as it approaches its 50th anniversary. Its success highlights the importance of first-class, trusted news in turbulent times, but also the strength the station has across its schedule with a unique mix of programmes. Hats off to all at Radio 1. Their half a million gain is a real boost and owes much to the hard work all the teams have put in to making the listening experience better than ever.”

All BBC Radio reach is at 34.95 million - from 34.18m last quarter and 35.10m last year.

Radio 2 has a weekly audience of 14.88 million - down from 15.02m last quarter and 15.30 last year, whilst share is 16.8% - compared to 18.1% last quarter and 17.2% last year. The Chris Evans Breakfast Show drew 9.01 million listeners every week over the period, compared to 9.38m last quarter and 9.47m last year.

Radio 3 has a weekly audience of 2.06 million listeners - compared to 1.88m last quarter and 2.20m last year. The network’s share is 1.2%, from 1.1% last quarter and 1.2% last year.

BBC Radio 5 live posted a combined reach with sister station 5 live sports extra of 5.63 million listeners, from 5.56m last quarter and 6.18m last year. Share for Radio 5 live (inc. sports extra) is 3.7% (3.7% last quarter and 4.3% last year).

Among digital-only stations, Radio 6 Music, Radio 4 Extra, Radio 1Xtra and Asian Network all had steady quarters. Radio 6 Music has 2.24m listeners (2.35m last quarter and 2.27 last year), Radio 4 Extra reached 2.09 million every week (2.02m last quarter and 1.95m last year), Radio 1Xtra’s audience is 1.03 million (939,000 last quarter and 1.08m last year) and Asian Network attracted 646,000 every week (623,000 last quarter and 676, 000 last year).

BBC World Service’s weekly UK audience was up to 1.59 million - from 1.33m last quarter and 1.45m last year) and BBC Local/Regional radio was also up to 8.63 million listeners per week - from 8.26m last quarter and 8.38m last year.

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