Len Goodman to host new family game show on BBC One

It’s time to rhyme with a whizz of a quiz. It’s a ten from Len!Len Goodman
Date: 10.03.2017     Last updated: 10.03.2017 at 11.15
Panda Television has secured its first entertainment format commission for BBC One. Partners In Rhyme, hosted by Len Goodman, is a 6 x 30 commission based on an original idea by Matt Edmondson and co–produced with AOP (Accidentally On Purpose).

A family game show for BBC One Saturday teatime, Partners In Rhyme sees contestants and celebrities team up to play a series of comedy rounds, all based on rhyming clues.

Len Goodman said: “It’s time to rhyme with a whizz of a quiz. It’s a ten from Len!”

There's no end to the rhyming pairs, providing great play-along for the studio teams and viewers at home.

Commissioned by Kate Phillips, Controller of Entertainment, and Jo Wallace, commissioning editor for the BBC, the series is due on BBC One later this year.

Jo Wallace says: “I’m really happy to see Len back on BBC One on Saturday nights where he belongs!”

Moira Ross, head of Panda TV, says: “I’m delighted that Panda’s first commission is with my old friend Len Goodman. He’s rhyming royalty, this show is made for him.”

Matt Edmondson added, "I'm ridiculously excited about bringing Partners in Rhyme to BBC One - it's the sort of show that I hope will have families screaming at the TV as they try and make sense of pigs in wigs, flowers with superpowers and Lorraine Kelly making jelly!”