BBC World Service in Hong Kong - how to tune in

Date: 04.09.2017     Last updated: 04.09.2017 at 19.30
Category: World Service
Following the decision by RTHK to restructure their distribution portfolio in Hong Kong, from Monday 4 September 2017 BBC World Service English (WSE) will no longer be available continuously on 675kHz medium wave or on DAB across Hong Kong.
  • The BBC World Service is still available 24 hours a day online for listeners in Hong Kong - and on RTHK FM Radio 4 overnight
  • World Service English language radio is now available to listeners in Hong Kong on DTH broadcasts via Telstar 18
  • Listeners can also access BBC World Service 24 hours a day via the BBC iPlayer radio app and the RTHK Radio 4 website

To help mitigate this change, the BBC has secured carriage for BBC WSE programming on the Telstar 18 DTH satellite platform, allowing those with a domestic satellite dish to receive BBC World Service continuously.

RTHK has retained BBC WSE overnight (from 2300 to 0700 local time) on RTHK’s FM frequency Radio 4 (FM 97.6). RTHK has also agreed to consider including some BBC World Service English programmes in their daytime schedules.

BBC WSE remains available 24 hours a day online at, via the BBC iPlayer radio app and on the RTHK Radio 4 website.

BBC Press Office