BBC celebrates the 1960s with series of regional documentaries about life in 1966

These films are a nostalgic nod back to the 1960s, and really capture how the music and fashion of the time were inspiring a new generation.Stuart Thomas, Head of English Regions Programmes
Date: 20.05.2016     Last updated: 20.05.2016 at 11.38

Living In ‘66 will tx on 1 June on BBC One English Regions and BBC One HD.

The BBC will take a close look at the swinging Sixties in a special documentary series looking beyond the famous fashion, music and football of the decade.

Fifty years after England won the World Cup, and Time magazine declared London the 'swinging city', a host of household names will examine what life was really like across the country during this fascinating period of cultural and social change.

The 11 documentaries will be shown in England’s regions, and use archive footage and real people’s memories to show that life in 1966 was about more than just mini-skirts and The Beatles.

In the North West, writer and music presenter Stuart Maconie looks at the slum clearances while broadcaster Adrian Chiles looks at how many people in the West Midlands were battling racism. Actor Robert Lindsay, ex-Emmerdale star Charlie Hardwick, and former MP Michael Portillo are among the other presenters.

The documentaries are:

Living in ’66 - London Through a Lens will tx in the BBC London region presented by Patsy Kensit
In 1966, Time Magazine declared London the 'swinging' capital of the world. Now, 50 years on, Patsy Kensit explores what the year was really like, and shares five of her favourite photographs that capture London life in 1966.

Adrian Chiles presents Living in ’66 - Making the Midlands in BBC West Midlands
While the England team was winning the World Cup in 1966, many new arrivals in the West Midlands had little time for football as they were busy battling racism in everyday life. Adrian Chiles finds out about the other side of life in the Sixties.

In BBC South, Annie Nightingale presents Living in ’66 - Moving With The Times
Radio One’s first female DJ, Annie Nightingale, sets off in an iconic 1960s Mini to discover just how the world of transport was changing in 1966. She looks at the disappearance of many branch lines on the railways, and investigates the advent of the package holiday which saw Brits take to the air, often for the first time.

BBC South East will screen Living in ’66 - The Education Revolution presented by Simon Fanshawe
In the South East, two new universities, Kent and Sussex, were at the forefront of a revolution in higher education. Writer and broadcaster Simon Fanshawe finds out what it was like for that first generation of students, and asks if they realised it was such an important moment of change.

6 Music DJ Steve Lamacq will present Living in ’66 - Pop, Pirates and Postmen in BBC East
Steve Lamacq reveals how young people from across the East experienced – and helped to shape – the music and fashion revolutions of 1966. He looks at the pirate radio rebels who invented a new style of music show, the year’s most unlikely pop star, and the tribal rivalry between Mods and Rockers.

In BBC North East & Cumbria ex-Emmerdale actress Charlie Hardwick presents Living in ’66 – North East a’Gogo
Charlie Hardwick meets the people who took the North East club scene by storm, and looks at whether the Swinging Sixties made it to the North East. She also discovers how Tyneside was being re-shaped, as terraced homes made way for tower blocks.

Living in ’66 - Bulldozers, Beatniks & Board Riders will be shown in BBC South West presented by Angela Rippon
Angela Rippon goes in search of the objects and artefacts that tell the story of a year of bulldozers, beatniks and board riders.

Broadcaster Stuart Maconie Looks Back for BBC North West
In the North West in 1966, the world was fizzing with pop, the Beatles and the new footballing superstar George Best. But Stuart Maconie digs deeper than this and discovers a world of casinos, strip joints, slum clearances and the early stirrings of women’s lib.

BBC West to show Living in ’66 – All Change For The West presented by Michael Portillo
Journalist and former MP Michael Portillo looks at how the closure of the much-loved Somerset and Dorset branch railway line reflected life in the West in 1966.

In the East Midlands, Robert Lindsay Remembers
Actor Robert Lindsay returns to his old stamping grounds, and shares his memories about how 1966 in Nottingham was a pivotal year in his life.

And Living in ’66 - Suits, Boots And Northern Roots will tx in BBC Yorkshire & Lincolnshire presented by Kay Mellor
TV writer Kay Mellor looks at fashion in Yorkshire in 1966, including footage of Burtons, who made the suits that the England World Cup winning team wore. She looks at Sheffield’s brutalist architecture, and also meets a woman who has worked at RAF Fylingdales in North Yorks for nearly 50 years.

Stuart Thomas, Head of English Regions Programmes, said: “These films are a nostalgic nod back to the 1960s, and really capture how the music and fashion of the time were inspiring a new generation. It was also a time for change, and it’s fascinating to see the transformation that was happening to many inner city areas at the time, and how big leaps in transport and education were making the world more accessible to more people.”

The Living In ’66 series will TX on 1 June at 7.30pm in each of the BBC English regions.