BBC Three commissions one-off doc Rise Of The Superstar Vloggers

BBC Three has commissioned one-off documentary Rise Of The Superstar Vloggers for Little Dot Studios - the studio's first television commission.

Published: 20 October 2015
Audiences think they know everything about vloggers, and many assume they have turned up and become overnight superstars. The reality is different.
— Dan Jones, Executive Producer

Told for the first time from the perspective of vloggers themselves, Rise Of The Superstar Vloggers (w/t) is a documentary that sees Jim Chapman meet the biggest and best vloggers from across the globe, including Tyler Oakley, Joe Sugg, Alfie Deyes and Ingrid Nilsen, to hear first-hand how this 21st century phenomenon has changed their lives.

As YouTube celebrates its 10th birthday, vloggers now dominate Most Influential lists across the globe, sell out stadiums and have the kind of fanbases boy bands would kill for. Even your mum has seen Zoella on Bake Off. Between them, Jim’s interviewees have generated more than six billion views of their content on YouTube.

Jim will look at the amazing highs vlogging has brought - from fame and international travel to product lines and red carpets - but also the difficulties, including waving goodbye to privacy. Collectively they’ll reveal what it’s like to grow up and go through everything the BBC Three audience is going through, under the spotlight of literally millions of fans sharing their every move.

Jim also meets those vlogging with a social purpose, including sex education, mental health and sexuality, and investigates the impact on viewers.

Jim Chapman himself has a major background in vlogging, and his own channels boast more than 3 million subscribers. Jim is involving his followers in the documentary through encouraging fans to pose interview questions via social platforms, and his vlogs of the production process have already generated more than a million views.

Jim is married to beauty vlogger Tanya Burr, and his sisters Sam and Nic form the YouTube channel and make-up brand Pixiwoo. His twin brother has a fitness channel; even his mum vlogs. Jim is a contributing editor at GQ, regularly hosts Radio 1 shows, and can be found in the front row at Fashion Week.

A 1x60 documentary due to air later this year, it is executive produced by Dan Jones and Melanie Archer, and is Little Dot’s first commission since Jones joined as Director of Content in July, to lead a move into TV focused on millennial audiences.

Dan Jones says: “Audiences think they know everything about vloggers, and many assume they have turned up and become overnight superstars. The reality is different, with plenty of vloggers having fascinating stories on the road to becoming the 21st century’s new breed of celebrity. Having worked across TV and YouTube for the past decade, we’re in a unique position to unearth the most interesting of these stories, and tell them from the perspective of the vloggers themselves.”

The director is Trevor Docksey. Elliot Reed and Asif Hasan are the BBC Commissioning Editors. It is executive produced by Dan Jones and Melanie Archer for Little Dot.

For more information, contact Dan Jones