BBC Two Commissions Insert Name Here

BBC Two has announced a brand new entertainment show called 'Insert Name Here', to be fronted by Sue Perkins.

Published: 26 November 2015
I’m looking forward to seeing grown-up, intelligent, funny people hurling names at each other.
— Alan Tyler, Acting Controller, BBC Entertainment Commissioning

The six-part comedy entertainment show will also feature team captains Richard Osman and Josh Widdicombe. Each episode is built around one particular name and the numerous people, past and present who have shared it. The two panels of three, each composed of captain plus guest comedian and historian, will battle it out to argue that they have found the greatest owner of that name.

Sue Perkins says: ”In Hebrew, the name Susan means 'graceful lily' - in Khmer it means 'girl with the bad puns' and in ancient Aztec it translates as 'she with the cockerel hair and dirty glasses'. This particular Susan can't wait to get stuck into a whole host of Davids, Peters, Jonathans and Gertrudes - with the help of a magnificent Richard and a wonderful Joshua."

Kim Shillinglaw, Controller BBC Two and BBC Four, adds: “From QI and Only Connect to University Challenge and Mock the Week, BBC Two has cemented a unique reputation for clever quizzes like no other channel and I’m thrilled that Insert Name Here is joining our line-up. With the terrific Sue Perkins at the helm alongside the fantastic Josh and Richard you couldn’t ask for better company and this show promises to be both entertaining and enlightening.”

Alan Tyler, Acting Controller. BBC Entertainment Commissioning, says: “Insert Name Here has an enviable A-list line-up in Sue, Josh and Richard. The pilot brilliantly combined humour and history to somehow move from St George to George Clooney via George Michael and George Bernhard Shaw. I still don’t know how it did that but I do know that I’m looking forward to seeing grown-up, intelligent, funny people hurling names at each other."

The commission follows a successful pilot earlier this year. It will be co-produced by 12 Yard Productions and Black Dog Television. Margaret Anne Doherty is the series producer and executive producer is Paul McGettigan. It was commissioned by Kim Shillinglaw, Controller BBC Two and Four and Alan Tyler, Acting Controller BBC Entertainment Commissioning.