6 Music listeners name their Greatest Band T-shirt Of All Time

The response to the poll was terrific, which suggests just how fondly our listeners regard the rock’n’roll t-shirt. And I think they chose an excellent example of the artSteve Lamacq
Date: 27.11.2015     Last updated: 27.11.2015 at 18.55
Category: Radio 6 Music
In his show today, Steve Lamacq announced that Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures has been named the winner of BBC Radio 6 Music’s favourite band t-shirt of all-time. It was voted for by the station’s listeners as part of its annual Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day. The t-shirt will now be displayed at the Design Museum, complete with a description from Steve.

The imagery was designed by Peter Saville for the band’s debut album. It features a striking arrangement of lines charting the signal from a pulsar - an image which was taken from the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Astrology. Saville is an art director and graphic designer who gained renown for the numerous record sleeves he designed for Factory Records, of which he was a director, and to which Joy Division were signed.

Steve Lamacq says: “The response to the poll was terrific, which suggests just how fondly our listeners regard the rock’n’roll t-shirt. And I think they chose an excellent example of the art.

“The Unknown Pleasures design is a perfect case of how a t-shirt can do an array of things, effortlessly. It’s a brilliantly striking image, a reminder of the shockwave of new music and new artists who emerged at the end of the 70s; it’s got an inherent air of cool, because of the reputation of the band; and it tells you that the person wearing it has an interest in music which goes way beyond the Top 40.”

Today (Friday 27 November) is Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day and during the final hour of his 4-7pm show Steve counted down the top ten to reveal 6 Music listeners favourite band t-shirt of all-time. The shortlist was created by Steve following suggestions from 6 Music listeners and also industry luminaries including artist Jeremy Deller, designer of the Yes artwork Roger Dean, illustrator Pete McKee, Mercury Prize shortlisted band Slaves, V&A curator Kristian Volsing, Design Museum and fellow 6 Music presenters.

From 30 t-shirts shortlisted to vote for, the top ten were:
1. Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures (11.6% of the vote)
2. James – Daisy (10.5%)
3. Pink Floyd - Dark Side (10.3%)
4. Motorhead – England (9.2%)
5. Ramones – Seal (5.1%)
6. Nirvana – Smiley (4.2%)
7. Guns N Roses - Appetite For Destruction (3.7%)
8. Sisters of Mercy – 1985 (3.6%)
9. Sonic Youth – Goo (3.2%)
10. Primal Scream – Screamadelica (3.1%)

Now in its eighth year, Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day has become a popular celebration of the music t-shirt and an opportunity for listeners to show their dedication to their favourite band or artist.

This year T-Shirt Day has had support from various celebrities including Kate Moss, Status Quo, Slaves, Chrissie Hynde, Michael Sheen and Eddie Izzard. Throughout the day listeners were invited to send in a picture of themselves wearing their band tee via email or upload to social media using #tshirtday; 6 Music then played a song relating to that artist or band on air between 7am and 7pm. Listeners can follow the whole story of the day and some of the best pictures that were sent in at the T-Shirt Day live blog at www.bbc.co.uk/6music

Also as part of T-Shirt Day, listeners have been encouraged to upload their pop memorabilia to the People’s History of Pop website at bbc.co.uk/peoplespop. The People’s History Of Pop is a four-part series coming to BBC Four next year, tracking the history of pop from the 1950s to the 1990s through the stories behind the treasured, personal and rarest music memorabilia owned by the public. Whether that be precious band t-shirts, photos, badges, ticket stubs, fan club materials, gig programmes, annuals, teen diary entries, teen band recordings, wrist bands, rare footage - it will all shape and define the series.