Bradley Walsh and Kayvan Novak to star in Woody, brand-new six-part comedy for BBC One

Woody is the part I have dreamed of playing since I was a kid. That and Boba Fett.Kayvan Novak
Date: 14.05.2014     Last updated: 15.05.2014 at 13.25
Category: BBC One; Comedy
Shane Allen, Controller of BBC Comedy Commissioning and Charlotte Moore, Controller of BBC One, have commissioned Woody - a six-part, half-hour sitcom for BBC One starring BAFTA-winner Kayvan Novak and Bradley Walsh.

The series has been created by Neil Webster and Charlie Skelton and produced/directed by Neil Webster and Ben Palmer of Happy Tramp Productions for BBC One.

Set on a fictional Spanish island, Woody follows the fortunes of one of the UK’s best undercover reporters. Woody (Novak) is forced to go on the run from the British authorities after being set up by his corrupt newspaper editor. Woody escapes to find the one man he can trust, his former mentor at the newspaper, Brutus (Walsh). Now an expatriate living a quiet life running a bar on a Spanish island, Brutus is initially less than thrilled to see Woody. However, he soon realises that he can profit by putting his trouble-making protégé to work. Woody takes on a series of investigations on the island, running rings around the locals by using his astonishing ability to adopt a variety of guises at a moment’s notice. 

Shane Allen, Controller of BBC Comedy Commissioning, says: “Woody is a really ambitious, colourful, feel-good comedy with two lovable rogues at the heart of it in Kayvan and Bradley. They'll bring sunshine and laughs to BBC One.” 

Charlotte Moore, Controller of BBC One, says: “It’s great to be bringing Kayvan Novak and Bradley Walsh, two fantastic British talents, together on BBC One in a brilliantly original and sunny sitcom.” 

Kayvan adds: “Woody is the part I have dreamed of playing since I was a kid. That and Boba Fett. “

Bradley Walsh says: “I can’t wait to start working on Woody! To be working with Kayvan again is great. To be working for the BBC, the iconic home of British sitcom is, for me personally, a lifelong ambition fulfilled. To say I’m thrilled is an understatement”

Producer/Writer, Neil Webster, says: “We’re over the moon that BBC One has given us the opportunity to bring the lovable lunatic Woody to life. It’s like all of my Fletch/Magnum/Minder dreams have come true at once. And we get to work in the sun!”

Producer/Director, Ben Palmer, adds: “Woody is a silly, big-hearted piece of escapism that all the family can enjoy. As well as Kayvan’s incredible talents as a character comedian, we can’t wait to let the double act of Kayvan and Bradley loose on the world. And we get to work in the sun!”