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The new commissions represent BBC Scotland’s commitment to Scottish comedy, Scottish performers and new Scottish writers.”Steve Canny, Executive Producer, Comedy
Date: 20.02.2014     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 18.13
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  • BBC Scotland commissioning new comedies across radio and television
  • Opportunity for young people to develop their comedy writing skills
  • BBC Scotland continues long running commitment to Glasgow Comedy Festival

Still Game’s Sanjeev Kohli and Two Doors Down writer Simon Carlyle are just a few of the names lined up for new BBC Scotland comedy projects.

Kohli is one of those associated with six new radio comedies and has co-written Homework, about a former bank manager who works from home and looks after two young children.

Carlyle’s Into the Rough is set at a Scottish golf club and follows a new hospitality team.

Dan Five-0 by Colin McLaren is about a 50-year-old who separates from his wife but still has to work with her as a co-manager of Carpet World.

The six 30-minute comedies will be broadcast on Radio Scotland later this year.

Steve Canny, Executive Producer, Comedy, said: “The new commissions represent BBC Scotland’s commitment to Scottish comedy, Scottish performers and new Scottish writers.”

Over on television, Brian Cox will again be appearing with Jonathan Watson in the recently announced return of Bob Servant, while also returning is Scot Squad which followes the antics of the first unified Scottish Police Force.

In another topical initiative aimed at young writers there is the opportunity to submit jokes or sketches and have their work developed with comedy professionals and filmed for broadcast online.

What’s funny… about the Scottish Independence Referendum? seeks submissions from 15-24 year olds on what the referendum means for them or anything they find funny about the upcoming vote. Entries can be made in the form of one-line jokes, monologues, self-recorded material or written sketches. The winning entries will work with BBC comedy producers and comedians to further develop their ideas with the best being performed and recorded for broadcast online.

Gerald Strother, Senior Producer, BBC Learning, encourages entries to: “Be imaginative. Be provocative. Be creative. But most of all be funny.”

More information is available at

The BBC’s ongoing commitment to comedy also continues at the Glasgow Comedy Festival with the 'Best of Red Raw', a weekly beginners showcase at the Stand Comedy Club from 18 March at 9pm, where brand-new comedians who have never appeared on stage will be given the opportunity to perform alongside established comics trying out new material.

Notes To Editors

New radio comedy commissions

Homework, written by Richard Melvin, Julia Sutherland, Sanjeev Kohli and Jo Caulfield, tells the story of Sam, who used to be a senior manager in a big bank. Now he works at home and his major challenges include two young children and a very unpredictable broadband connection.

Half My Age Plus Seven - written by and starring Wendy Wason. Kat's moving in with her boyfriend Sam. Which is good. The only complications are Kat's two children. And her ex-husband. And the fact that Kat is 37 and Sam is 25. They're pretty confident it's going to be fine though.

Into The Rough – written by Simon Carlyle. St. Angus is one of the oldest golf clubs in Scotland. One of the oldest, perhaps, but certainly never regarded as one of the finest. That’s about to change though (it’s not) with the arrival of the new hospitality management tag team, Peter and Maggie Hughes.

Dan Five-0 - written by Colin McLaren. Fifty-year-old Dan is recently separated from his wife but they face each other every day as co-managers of the South Edinburgh branch of Carpet World. Dan’s desperate to recapture his youth but the last time Dan was on the dating scene was in the pre-internet era, 30 years ago. Now he’s back in the game but the game has changed. A lot.

Conundrums My Dad Says – written by Ashley Storrie. Ben always thought his dad’s physical aversion to velvet and burgeoning biro collection was odd. Then he read a book on Asperger’s syndrome and he’s realised that what he thought was just bad parenting is actually a syndrome. Now he’s determined to help his dad lead a “normal” life.

Player – written by Raymond Friel. It’s the 1980s. Casey, a young computer programmer from Dundee, is trying to make videogames but no one else has any idea how big this will become. Instead, he’s stuck in his bedroom and is tormented by a family who don’t understand.

Glasgow Comedy Festival

Best of Red Raw
The Stand Comedy Club 9.30pm
Tuesday 18 March, 25 March & 1 April

The BBC’s long-running weekly beginner’s showcase with up to 10 new acts – some treading the boards for the very first time. See the stars of tomorrow today as well as established names trying out new material.

What's Funny About The Referendum

Submissions can be made in writing or by sending a YouTube or Vimeo video link to The deadline for entries is midday Friday 28 March 2014. Submissions are limited to a maximum of two per person. All written pages should include a header with, your name, email address and the title of the sketch.

Tips on comedy writing are available from and

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