Fern Britton to present The Patch: The Big Allotment Challenge on BBC Two

Date: 23.08.2013     Last updated: 18.03.2014 at 18.13
BBC Two has announced that Fern Britton will present an exciting new series - The Patch: The Big Allotment Challenge.

Building on the tradition of the annual horticultural show with its competitions for jams, chutneys, fruits, vegetables and flowers, the six-part series will celebrate Britain’s love for gardening - and a good competition. It’s expected to air on BBC Two in early 2014.

In a beautiful walled garden in Oxfordshire, nine pairs of passionate gardeners will test their green fingers and horticultural know how. Over four months, the gardeners will have meticulously planned, planted and nurtured their allotments as they attempt to harvest a crop of prized vegetables and fruits. Now they’re ready to face the experts and be put through their paces in a series of challenges.

Each episode will reflect the growing season and what’s ripe for picking at the time. The couples will face three challenges each week that test their horticultural knowledge, creativity and culinary skills, as they’re tasked with turning their produce into preserves, as well as creating floral arrangements.

Three experts will preside over the proceedings, each an authority in their field: Growing Expert, Jim Buttress, brings his horticultural expertise; Floral Expert, Jonathan Moseley, will bring his eye and creative flair for arranging flowers, while Preserves Expert, Thane Prince, brings an expertise in cooking and preserving.

Each episode, the team that fails to impress our experts will hang up their gardening gloves and leave the allotment for good. Only one team can be crowned the winners of The Patch: The Big Allotment Challenge 2014.

6x60-minute. Executive produced by Melissa Brown for Silver River Productions and by Emma Willis for the BBC.