Press and media enquiries

Journalists can contact the BBC Press Office via phone, email or the form on this page.

Contact the BBC Press Office

To contact the BBC Press Office please call 020 7765 5900 or email Journalists can contact the BBC Press Office via the form on this page.

The BBC Press Office email inbox is regularly checked during opening hours. Enquiries will be responded to as quickly as possible.

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BBC Press Office Contacts

Head of Press

Simon Alford

Senior Head of Communications

Rhona De La Mer 

Head of Communications

Robin Miller

Media Relations Managers

Matthew Hunter

Natasha Prowse

Paul Teed

Communications Officers

Fola Awe

Stephanie Akomiah

John House

Ieva Asnina

Assistant Communications Officer

Hannah Dobson

BBC Media Centre Website

Sarah Doran, BBC Media Centre Editor

Clare Bolt, Digital Content Manager

Matt Seel, Communications Specialist

Picture Enquiries 

BBC Pictures provides editorial image content to print and digital press based in the UK, Ireland or the Benelux to publicise the BBC and its current and forthcoming Television and Radio programmes via its free (password protected) website service,

Staff members of UK, Irish or Benelux-based press outlets, ie picture editors, picture researchers and journalists, can apply for access to the website.

Non-press and media enquiries

If you are not making a press enquiry, please contact the BBC here.

If you wish to make a complaint, please go to BBC Complaints.

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