Middle East and North Africa

Our diverse projects and programmes across the Middle East and North Africa reflect many of the region's challenges: media development, bridging divides, working with displaced communities, engaging young people and crisis response.

About our work

Our work with media and communication across the Middle East and North Africa strengthens and supports local broadcasters to bridge divides, improve political participation and accountability, and engage young people on issues that matter.

In Iraq, we are supporting Basra-based broadcaster Al Mirbad to become a leading voice.

From our base in Tunis, we are working in Libya to support El Kul, a social media platform with over 1 million followers, to foster social cohesion, combat disinformation and encourage inclusion in a deeply divided country.

In Algeria, we support public service media to explore issues that matter most to communities, to search out the voices of marginalised groups, including women, and to create entertaining and informative programming around entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

As COVID-19 has spread across the globe, our work in Algeria and Libya has expanded to include Lifeline training for media outlets around how media and communication can save lives.

We are also proud of our past work in Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia and the Palestinian Territories, where we have worked extensively in both immediate humanitarian crises and in the longer-term to bridge divides and build understanding.

Go behind the scenes on Libyan TV debate show, Hiwar Mushtarak (Shared Debate).
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