Europe and Caucasus

In Eastern Europe and the Caucasus we are supporting independent public interest media to survive and thrive, ensuring trusted information and open, peaceful debate in these fast-changing countries.

About our work

Eastern Europe and the Caucasus are home to our project, Support to Independent Media in the Eastern Partnership Countries. This is a multi-country effort to support independent public interest media to produce robust, accurate and impartial journalism and creative content that bridges divides and opens conversation and debate. We have also been working with Ukraine’s public broadcaster, UA:PBC, as it transitions away from a state model. This includes support for a modern newsroom and the development of multi-platform programming that provides trusted information and a forum for debate and discussion, on issues ranging from political and economic news to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our projects in Europe and Caucasus

Past projects in Europe and Caucasus

Media Neighbourhood, a journalism and networking project in 17 countries.

Where we work

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  • In Europe & CaucasusOur projects increase trusted, inclusive and independent media programming to help people make sense of events in their countries and engage in dialogue – ultimately bringing societies together.