Climate Asia

Climate Asia provides a range of tools to help anyone – from governments and donors to the media and NGOs – to develop their own communications to help people adapt to climate change.

How do people in Asia live with climate change? How will it impact their future and how will they shape their own environment? And what are the most effective ways the media, governments, organisations and businesses can support people to adapt to climate change?

These were the questions behind Climate Asia, the world's largest study of people's daily experience of climate change in seven Asian countries.

The project surveyed 33,500 people in 2012 across Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam. 

Helping people to adapt

The resulting comprehensive data set painted a vivid picture of how people live with climate change.

From this unique data, the project team created a variety of tools, all designed to help anyone – from governments to donors, from the media to non-governmental organisations – to develop their own communications to meet the public's needs.

The tools are available on the fully searchable Climate Asia data portal, which also includes a climate communication guide, information on research methods and tools, including the survey questionnaire. 

From Karachi to Jakarta

The research was conducted in 2012 across many of Asia’s ecological and developmental regions. BBC Media Action researchers travelled the length and breadth of our seven focus countries from Karachi to Jakarta, through some of the largest cities in Asia to the heart of the rainforest, across plains, through rivers and up into the mountains.

Using both quantitative and qualitative research, a picture was built of how different groups of people live their lives and react to changes in their environment.

The research provides insight into people’s livelihoods and use of food, water and energy. It also provides a greater understanding of people’s values, who they trust and their hopes for the future as they face the impacts of a changing climate.

Climate Asia was funded by the UK government’s Department for International Development.