Our work in Zambia focuses on media development and reaching and engaging with youth -- contributing to the country's vibrant and rapid development.

  • Our office: Lusaka
  • Our areas of focus: Governance, media development, sexual and reproductive health and rights, youth
  • Our partners: Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (SIDA), European Union

About our work

BBC Media Action’s work in Zambia revolves around long-term mentorship of 40+ independent community radio and TV stations across the country. Through two projects, Radio Waves and Zambia Speaks!, the office supports partners to produce high-quality content on local and national issues ranging from corruption, land and resource management, education, and government accountability. This work also includes supporting with live debate shows, and producing a new landmark animated governance drama, The Story of Gondo, broadcast on four private TV stations and adapted from a much-loved radio series.

We work closely with young people, including through Ishiwi, our popular Facebook page which engages young people in civic life, and through Tikambe (‘Let’s Talk’) which supports media partners to produce educational programmes made by young people, for young people on sexual reproductive health and rights. This work is complemented by engaging digital outreach - including a popular Facebook page -- and vibrant roadshow events in diverse communities. 

In 2019, the office launched a new project called Natwampane (‘Coming Together’) in the country’s north, supporting 13 radio stations to produce shows tackling the high prevalence of sexual and gender-based violence in the region. All together, these projects reach over 2m people.

We are also working in Zambia with the Media Institute of Southern Africa and other partners on issues of media freedom and regulation, supporting the media sector's drive toward high editorial standards and codes of conduct while preserving its vibrancy and diversity. 

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