Reaching millions

Informing, connecting and inspiring change

In a world where media can be divisive and untrustworthy, we believe in the power of media and communication to do good.

Our work reaches millions of people facing insecurity, inequality and poverty with information they can trust. We support the independent media essential to democracy and development. We inform, connect and inspire change in our audiences, providing trusted information, stories and ideas that generate discussion and bridge divides.

We work in 24 countries around the world, reaching more than 100 million people a year – helping to save lives and improve health, protect livelihoods, challenge inequality and build more peaceful and democratic societies.

Our strategy focuses on governance, health, building resilience and response to humanitarian crises. 

Our areas of focus

  • Global response to COVID-19Our teams are creating clear, fact-based social media, radio and television content to help slow the spread of the disease, whilst adapting other vital projects to help communities adjust and stay safe.
  • Accountability, participation and bridging dividesOur programmes give people accurate, balanced and trusted information, ensuring all sections of society understand their fundamental rights and freedoms. Find out how ordinary people are inspired to get involved, question their leaders and hold them to their promises.
  • Resilience and climateBuilding resilience and tackling climate change requires action at all levels of society, and media has the power to bring people together to discuss options that benefit everyone. We support millions living in poverty and uncertainty to boost their resilience and economic security.
  • HealthWe help people make informed decisions to improve and protect their health and that of their family and community. Our projects and programmes support health workers in poor and remote communities, help to build more effective health systems and hold leaders to account on health.
  • Humanitarian responseInformation is critical in the aftermath of emergencies - it is as important as food, water and shelter. Through our projects and programmes, and our specialised humanitarian training courses, we support people to survive, cope and rebuild their lives after disasters strike.
  • Leaving no one behindAll of our projects strive to give women and girls equal voice and balanced, meaningful media representation, on and off camera. We address the needs and voices of people living with disabilities and our multimedia platforms help young people engage with, and speak about, the issues they face.
  • Media developmentFor 20 years, we have worked to support independent media around the world. We believe strong public interest media underpins development, enabling people to participate in the debates and decisions that shape their lives.
  • Tackling information disorderFalse and misleading information divides societies and threatens our health and well-being. Curbing its spread is an urgent and difficult challenge. Our work supports people and media organisations to counter the production and spread of misinformation.

Where we work

  • In Africa Delve into our projects in Africa which range from media training to radio and TV programmes to tackle key development issues. Learn more here.
  • In AsiaExplore the breadth of our projects in Asia which achieve impact through innovative mobile phone services, TV debate shows and traditional street theatre.
  • In Middle East & North AfricaLearn more about our longstanding media training projects and programmes that strengthen media development and provide a forum for trusted dialogue.
  • In Europe & CaucasusOur projects increase trusted, inclusive and independent media programming to help people make sense of events in their countries and engage in dialogue – ultimately bringing societies together.