Informing development policy

How people use, access and communicate information around the world has profound implications for development, diplomatic and foreign policy. While BBC Media Action does not campaign on issues, it does draw on its practical experience, research and expertise to help inform policy in this rapidly changing area.

The aim of our policy work is to ensure more effective support for media and communication by the international donor and development communities.

In order to inform and influence those most capable of advancing the role of media and communication within development policy, our policy team engages regularly with a wide range of stakeholders including:

  • bilateral and multilateral agencies
  • think tanks and universities
  • non-governmental organisations
  • the media

Policy engagement takes a number of forms including the production of publications, face to face briefings, events and round table discussions.  We convene and co-sponsor high profile events to bring together external stakeholders around key policy and research priorities within the media and development community. Finally, as a leading organisation in the media and development sector, we play an active role to help support existing sector networks, including the Global Forum for Media Development the Communication Initiative and the Communication for Disaster Affected Communities Network.

Our policy publications include: