Media freedom and rights

Substantial progress has been made in recent years advancing issues of media development and media freedom in the context of the international development agenda. Working with our partners in the wider media development sector, BBC Media Action has worked to help ensure that the post-2015 development discussions consider access to independent media and information and the public's right to information and access to government data. In some instances, our organisation has participated directly in these global debates.

But most of our engagement takes the form of supporting the Global Forum for Media Development, where we sit on the Global Steering Committee, in its advocacy efforts. As the Sustainable Development Goals conversation enters a new era, our organisation will continue to play an active role in shaping the thinking around how to ensure that a free and diverse media rooted in a strong culture of independent journalism remains a cornerstone of effective governance.

Across the years, BBC Media Action has also undertaken analyses of media sectors in particular countries to map this landscape and to provide insight into the structures, relationships and practices which characterise these sectors with guidance and recommendations for the development sector.