Watch 'The Power of Talk', which highlights how media programmes help empower people to influence the decisions that affect their lives.

A free and diverse media rooted in a strong culture of independent journalism is a cornerstone of effective governance. Media can provide one of the most effective guarantors of a government’s accountability to its people and can act as a key check on corruption.  Media and communication shape how societies inform themselves and how people exercise their vote and voice. 

However, in many of the fragile societies where BBC Media Action works, media can become co-opted, polarised and partisan, sometimes reinforcing prejudice or fuelling division. Through its policy and evidence work in the governance sphere, BBC Media Action enables development actors, and especially governance actors, to have a better understanding of the role and impact of media and communication on strengthening (or sometimes undermining) government accountability, reducing (and sometimes fuelling) tension and conflict and improving (and sometimes diminishing) political and social inclusion.

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