Research report: How the people of Cambodia live with climate change and what communication can do

Publication date:
February 2019

How do people in Cambodia live with climate change now? How will its impacts shape people’s future, and how will these people, in turn, shape their environment? What are the most effective ways to support people to adapt to climate change, and how best can the media, governments, organisations and businesses communicate with them around this issue?

In 2018, BBC Media Action carried out a Climate Asia survey among people in Cambodia, funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). Researchers interviewed 1,660 people in June 2018 in five geographic regions across Cambodia: Phnom Penh, Plain, Mountain, Tonle Sap and Coastal.

Our findings are described in the summary and report above. You can read other reports in our Climate Asia series here or find out more about our Neighbours Together project which helps Cambodians cope and adapt to climate change.