Practice briefing: A bigger splash - partnering for impact


Media can make a big splash. Films, dramas, documentaries, talk shows, adverts, blogs and web pages can reach millions of people in one go and trigger change. That impact is even greater when people share, talk about and act on what they read, see and hear. By working with governmental and non-governmental partners, BBC Media Action’s content was able to go beyond mass media to reach those without access, spark discussion and deepen the impact of  work to improve reproductive, maternal and newborn health.

Publication date: February 2017

Author: Sophia Wilkinson


Drawing on BBC Media Action’s work on maternal and child health with governmental and non-governmental partners in Bangladesh, India and Ethiopia, this paper discusses:

  • the value of these partnerships for successful health communication
  • the part played by media and communication in wider health interventions
  • ways to include those without access to mass media
  • how to spark discussions that underpin journeys of change
  • the best techniques for working together to produce long-lasting results

It concludes that by working together from the outset, media organisations and others working to improve people’s health can help support each other to ensure that health communication reaches its full potential to change lives.