Policy: From the ground up - changing the conversation about climate change


Effective communication on climate change is crucial to action. But while a wealth of information is produced every year, it is not always accessible to those who need it most.

This policy briefing from BBC Media Action – From the ground up: changing the conversation about climate change – draws on data from a survey of more than 33,000 people in Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Vietnam. This is the region's largest ever study of public knowledge of and attitudes towards climate change, and this policy briefing provides new insights and solutions for coping with changing weather. We find that that the world’s most vulnerable communities would benefit from media and communication initiatives to help them respond.

The briefing aims to inform ongoing global policy initiatives to highlight to role of communication in climate change adaptation.

Publication date: May 2014

Authors: Stephan Faris, Steven Lipscombe, Sonia Whitehead and Damian Wilson