Debates in Change symposium report and conclusions

This report shares areas of consensus and debate from a symposium on social and behaviour change, an increasing priority in international development.

Publication date: September 2014

To build on the growing interest in social and behaviour change, in June 2014 BBC Media Action held Debates in Change, which was hosted by the Wellcome Trust with support from Salzburg Global Seminar. Bringing together policy-makers, practitioners, donors and academics, it explored thinking on emerging issues in the field to stimulate collective action on key issues. 

This report shares some areas for collective action, as well as debates around some ongoing issues: 

  • Social and behaviour change for family planning and to address the needs of adolescent girls
  • The importance of national leadership
  • The application of frameworks from social and behavioural science to social and behaviour change intervention

The strength of the evidence base around social and behaviour change interventions and debates around what constitutes evidence