Amplifying the voices of women and girls

All our projects strive to give women and girls voice and balanced, meaningful media representation, on and off camera. We address the needs and voices of people living with disabilities and our multimedia platforms help young people engage with, and speak about the issues they face.

The following stories address child marriage, girls’ education, financial independence, violence against women and girls, sexual and reproductive health rights, economic empowerment and entrepreneurship for women around the world.

Listen: 5 minutes, 5 countries, 5 women

  • Rita's storyBangladesh
    This is a story about child marriage in rural Bangladesh. Rita is 13, clever at school, and keen to attend the local teacher training college, along with many of her friends. This is her first-hand account of how a local boy proposed marriage.
  • Mariama's storySierra Leone
    This story is based on a real Media Action listener based in Freetown, Sierra Leone. She tells us how she tried to cope by begging on the street and saving cash into a small wooden money box, at the young age of 13 and living with a disability.
  • Iryna's storyUkraine
    Iryna’s story is based on the brave people working with BBC Media Action’s local media partners in Ukraine. Before the war, she organised media training in Kyiv, commuting in from a little town just outside. She is a wife and mother.
  • Jackeline's storySouth Sudan
    This is based on the true story of two Media Action listeners in South Sudan. Jackeline and her mother, Mama Lia, live in rural Joppa just 15 minutes’ drive from the capital, Juba. Jackeline kept giving birth to girls much to the disappointment of her husband.
  • Ujeli's storyNepal
    This is based on the true story of Ujeli. In April 2015 a large earthquake hit her village in the remote mountains of Nepal. When we met her she was living as a displaced person in a nearby village. Ujeli suffers from epilepsy and is vulnerable to child marriage.