How we work

We believe we can have the greatest impact by influencing attitudes and effecting change at a number of levels in society.

This includes:

  • People: all those who need and help shape our work, including our audience members and beneficiaries
  • Practitioners: this includes media and communication professionals and frontline health workers
  • Organisations: commercial, community and public service media organisations, as well as state institutions, civil society organisations and others in the not-for-profit sector
  • Systems: the political, social and economic institutions and relationships within a society that can influence how change happens and provide the context for our work – including the media and the communication and regulatory environment

We know that media and communication is only part of the solution, and we frequently collaborate with international development organisations, government departments and community organisations to deliver our projects.

To extend the reach of our TV, radio and digital programmes we work in partnership with the BBC and national and community broadcasters.

To meet the needs of our audience members we carry out extensive research and we measure how their knowledge and attitudes have changed in order to evaluate the impact of our work.